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A Proven Next-Generation OS

AlliedWare™ Plus is an advanced, feature-rich, next-generation operating system that delivers the functionality, scalability, performance and reliability your network demands.

Built on industry standards and with a user interface that is easy to understand by any network engineer, AlliedWare Plus is the perfect solution for IoT and SDN-enabled networks where greater intelligence, advanced security and automated services are required. AlliedWare Plus combines superior networking functionality and strong management capabilities with the exceptional performance that today’s networks demand. Because it is standards-based, it also assures full interoperability with other major network equipment and emphasizes improved usability and high reliability for a superior customer experience.


AlliedWare Plus products have passed a number of rigorous certifications that are mandatory if they are to be used for SDN and highly secure U.S. government networks and critical infrastructure. Current certifications include IPv6 Ready, OpenFlow Conformance, FIPS140-2 and DoDIN APL (JITC).

Advanced Functionality

The AlliedWare Plus operating system provides a reliable and expandable platform upon which Allied Telesis has been able to build some truly game-changing networking technologies.

Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus)

Managing network infrastructure is time-intensive, costly and has traditionally required expensive, third-party applications to effectively manage larger networks. Cloud computing and converged infrastructures deliver a great deal of business value to the enterprise, but they also add complexity. In turn, networks must be more fluid and evolve at increasingly greater speeds in order to keep pace with the modern applications and service delivery models that are driving that complexity. For everything from virtualization to mobility and BYOD, networks must be able to keep pace with business. AMF Plus helps IT do just that by greatly reducing the time and cost of managing network infrastructure.

AMF Plus delivers real and immediate value to businesses by solving one of IT’s most pressing needs. It provides a converged infrastructure that can be managed as a single entity, reducing complexity and TCO, and allowing more to be done with less.

AMF Plus achieves this and more by delivering:

  •     Unified network management from any device across the network.
  •     Graphical management of the network with Vista Manager.
  •     Private or public cloud deployment options with AMF Plus Cloud.
  •     Network automation that simplifies and automates tasks across the network.
  •     Network intelligence reacts to changes within the network and automatically changes the topology of the network.
  •     Automatic backup, restore, and recovery of devices as they are added to the network.

Through this combination of robust features, AMF Plus drives lower network operating expenses by reducing the complexity and level of effort required to maintain the network. One Allied Telesis customer has reported a 60% reduction in operational costs by deploying AMF Plus.

Autonomous Management Framework Security (AMF-Sec)

Today’s network threat landscape has changed, and the internal LAN is now susceptible to malicious attacks from hackers who continually evolve ways to exploit security weaknesses. Even inadvertent threats like staff plugging in USB flash drives that may contain viruses or malware need to be managed and contained.

AMF-Sec adds a powerful security component with an intelligent, fully-featured SDN controller. It reduces manual effort and cost by working with security applications to instantly respond to alerts, and block the movement of malware within a wired or wireless network—protecting the LAN from internal threats.

AMF-Sec partners with best-of-breed firewall and security appliances to identify threats, then the intelligent Isolation Adapter engine built into our AMF–Sec controller responds immediately to isolate the affected part of the network and quarantine the suspect device. Remediation can be applied to the device so it can re-join the network with minimal disruption. Responses are configurable, and comprehensive logging provides a clear audit trail.

The AMF-Sec controller is key to our innovative and award-winning AMF Security solution, to enable a self-defending network that helps organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to network services.

Any security issues are highlighted in Vista Manager EX, our monitoring and management tool, and an email can be sent to alert network administrators that AMF-Sec has automatically protected the network, and allow remediation to be managed locally or remotely.

VCStack, VCStack Plus and VCStack-LD

Allied Telesis is unique in providing a consistent switch stacking offering right from the edge to the large-network core. High port density stacks at the network edge have the same rich set of high availability features as do stacks of chassis switches at the network core.

This provides a consistent user experience across the network, and the ability to choose the most appropriate product for any given network role without being constrained by arbitrary compatibility requirements.

The modularity and expandability of AlliedWare Plus are well illustrated by the fact that such a range of high-availability features has scaled right up to stacked pairs of 12-slot dual-controller chassis. The chassis stacking, labeled VCStack Plus, achieves full table synchronization for the unicast and multicast forwarding and control planes at Layer 2 and Layer 3 for IPv4 and IPv6 across two full chassis, with up to four active controllers. This level of multiprotocol, multilayer and multiplane synchronization, coupled with quad-controller resiliency, is almost unmatched in the industry.

AlliedWare Plus deployment scalability is provided with VCStack Long Distance (VCStack-LD), which enables stack members to be kilometers apart, supporting distributed network environments and data-mirroring solutions.

Ethernet Protected Switching Ring (EPSRing™)

Allied Telesis provides an advanced, resilient ring solution, with failover times as low as 50ms, that operates across a large range of enterprise and metro products. This brings Telco-like network resilience into the world of Ethernet-based Metro/Campus/Enterprise networks.

By providing this capability across a wide product range, over a full spectrum of different feeds and speeds, Allied Telesis makes it possible for any Ethernet network to enjoy extremely rapid link failure recovery without incurring unnecessary complexity and expense.

Active Fiber Monitoring (AFM)

Active Fiber Monitoring is a technology pioneered by Allied Telesis that provides specialized data protection on optical links. You can enjoy non-stop, automated monitoring of all your optical fiber with no need for expensive third-party equipment.

A unique solution, AFM works by detecting very small changes in the amount of light received on a fiber link. When an intrusion is attempted, the light level changes because some of the light is redirected by the eavesdropper onto another fiber. AFM detects this intrusion and raises the alarm. The link can then either be shut down automatically, or an operator can be alerted to intervene manually. Configuration is simple—just “set and forget.”

Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+)

With Power over Ethernet (PoE), a separate power connection to media endpoints such as IP phones and wireless APs is not necessary. PoE+ provides even greater flexibility, providing the capability to connect devices requiring more power (up to 30 Watts)—for example, tilt and zoom security cameras. Some of our switches also support PoE++ and can provide up to 60 Watts per port.

Continuous Power-over-Ethernet (CPoE) guarantees uninterrupted PoE power delivery to cameras and other sensors, even when the switch is rebooted.

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