Non-stop networking for zero downtime

Ensure business operation around your schedule, for superior customer satisfaction.

Our non-stop networks bring resiliency technologies together in seamless solutions for always-on
access to digital resources, customer engagement tools, and key business applications.

Hardware Resiliency

Ensure business continuity and zero downtime with network core redundancy

Load-sharing redundant power supplies with independent power inputs enable tolerance of power feed failures, and dual switch controllers ensure continuous network operation during software upgrades and hardware replacement.

Allied Telesis has empowered us to build the best and most reliable network for our University.

Mr Pradeep

Campus Network Facility, University of Hyderabad.

Connection Resiliency

Maximize application connectivity with Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)

VCStack adds resiliency by removing single points of failure, mitigates outages with almost instant recovery on link or device failure, and simplifies network management.

VCStack greatly simplified the network topology, and seamless supports our high-speed server connectivity.
Mr Jose Manual Pellicer Manzanera

Communications and Security Manager, Hefame

Slim network connected cables at the bottom of a blue gradient background

Network resiliency

Ensure access to key digital resources from anywhere around your business premises.

Consistent fast failover that minimizes downtime and network connectivity problems is provided using Bi-directional Forwarding Detection (BFD).

  • Detect problems over any media, and across any chosen link
  • BFD works with Layer 2 redundancy protocols such as STP, RSTP, and EPSR
  • BFD works with Layer 3 routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP
  • Enjoy a faster more consistent failover response

User Access Resiliency

Get non-stop wireless for your business

Companies rely on Wi-Fi more than ever for staff access to online systems and applications, making a resilient solution essential for business success. Find out how our No Compromise Wi-Fi enables maximum performance, and seamless user device roaming.

Ensure reliable, high-performing Wi-Fi connections everywhere.

Enjoy maximum throughput from a self-tuning wireless network.

Simplify installation and lower operating costs.

Our Wi-Fi would frequently disconnect, but your solution solved all our connection problems.

General Manager

Marketing Department

Paramount Bed, Indonesia

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