Allied Telesis and Canopy Collaborate on Complete Solution for Single Platform Device Management

San Jose, United States – 09 April 2024 - Allied Telesis, a global leader in connectivity solutions and intelligent networking tools, today announces a strategic partnership with Canopy. Allied Telesis is integrating with Canopy’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform, helping to provide greater visibility to the health status of customers’ networks and devices, automating self-healing, and reducing downtime.

This partnership combines the expertise of Allied Telesis with Canopy’s RMM software platform, ensuring customers’ unattended devices, including network switches, can be managed through a single platform. The integration of Canopy RMM platform with Allied Telesis’ network switches and API provides customers with seamless interoperability and simplified remote management of their Connected Product ecosystem.

Key highlights of the strategic alliance include:

  1. Proactive Device Health Monitoring
  2. Ability to Take Remote Actions
  3. Unified and Comprehensive Remote Management

Commenting on the alliance, Rahul Gupta, CTO at Allied Telesis, said, “We are excited to announce this partnership with Canopy, to deliver integrated solutions that combine the strengths of both companies. By leveraging our secure network expertise and Canopy’s innovative remote device management, we can provide customers with more reliable and scalable network solutions, bringing many benefits to all. Together, we're committed to empowering our customers with the best-in-class technology and support they need to succeed.”

Similarly, Peter Atwell, SVP of Partnerships and Business Development from Canopy, added, “Partnering with Allied Telesis underscores our commitment to integrating with leading smart hardware providers to enable unified management of every component inside the Connected Product ecosystem. Centralized visibility and control from a single platform enables our customers to proactively monitor device and network health, automate issue resolution, and ultimately deliver better user experiences by reducing device downtime.”

For more information about Allied Telesis and Canopy’s collaboration please visit the Allied Telesis website.

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