Allied Telesis AR4050S-5G router passes Splashtop On-Prem field trials for high data throughput

Tokyo, Japan – Allied Telesis, Inc and NTT Comware Corporation are pleased to announce that the Allied Telesis AR4050S-5G router has been proven to operate successfully as part of the Splashtop On-Prem solution for secure, fast handling of field data. Testing confirmed that large amounts of data, such as point cloud data used in 3D shape modeling, can be processed smoothly from remote sites to a central office with this solution.

The increase in remote working and the wide range of IoT applications now available have increased the need for this kind of data exchange – between offices, remote work locations, and field locations such as construction sites and factories.

The tested solution uses Splashtop On-Prem, an on-premise (rather than cloud-based) solution that provides secure remote access, remote control, and remote support to any device. Splashtop On-Prem utilizes docomo MEC. The AR4050S-5G router, which contains a built-in 5G SIM card, provides high-capacity, low-delay communication using 5G.

Field tests confirmed that high-load data processing tasks operated successfully. Tasks included simulating 3D models from the office with point cloud data acquired at a remote site by a 3D laser scanner. The data exchange operated stably at high speed with low latency.

At the same time, high-quality video could be delivered in real time between remote devices without impacting the point cloud data app’s performance.

This solution has many applications in the construction, disaster recovery, municipality, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, including data-heavy applications such as CGI animation, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and manufacturing design with CAD.

pictorial diagram of the 5G docomo MEC applications, using the AR4050S-5G router.

Mr. Yoshiaki Mizuno, Representative Director of Splashtop Inc., said, “NTT Comware and I have been conducting various challenging tests in the docomo MEC environment together. The test with this product, a groundbreaking router that contains a built-in 5G SIM, was the first test of using on-premises with closed Area SIMs. We connected the remote PC to the office router, creating a wonderful product that allows the use of a closed communication environment over 5G from a remote location.

“I am deeply grateful to Allied Telesis for their cooperation over a long period of time, including verification and firmware support. I am confident that utilizing this router in collaboration with Allied Telesis and NTT Comware will enable us to solve various issues in the future.”

* docomo MEC is a trademark of NTT Docomo and its associates in Japan