Allied Telesis supports secure seamless public Wi-Fi through OpenRoaming

San Jose, CA – 8 December 2023 – Allied Telesis is pleased to announce that its advanced Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs) have been proven to interoperate with OpenRoaming™ – an exciting technology that makes it easy to connect to over 3.5 million public hotspots worldwide.

OpenRoaming is an international public wireless LAN connection standard framework for public Wi-Fi organized by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), which Allied Telesis is proud to be a member of. OpenRoaming consolidates a broad community of Identity Providers (IDPs) to provide extremely convenient and seamless roaming across the large and growing global network of Wi-Fi hotspots including retail, hospitality, education, and smart cities. Access is simple: there is no need to re-authenticate when changing hotspots, so users do not need to wait for multiple pop-ups or deal with terms and conditions when they change hotspots.

Allied Telesis is the first hardware vendor in Japan to offer APs that have been tested and confirmed with OpenRoaming. Its APs are certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, including the APs’ support for Passpoint, one of the technologies that OpenRoaming uses. Certification – and stringent quality control at Allied Telesis – ensure interoperability with all standards-based devices.

The supported APs are: TQ6702 GEN2, TQ6602 GEN2, TQm6702 GEN2, and TQm6602 GEN2.

These APs were verified for OpenRoaming with the help of Sapporo Gakuin University (Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, Japan), using the university’s premises and network environment. The tests showed that users could use OpenRoaming to connect successfully and securely to the Allied Telesis APs. As well, the tests showed that the APs can be used with OpenRoaming to create high-capacity, high-speed communication zones – without compromising on convenience or security.

With such high convenience and security, OpenRoaming is expected to be widely used in a variety of public places, including cafes, hospital waiting rooms, event venues, airports and major train stations, buses and trains, university campuses, and tourist information centers. OpenRoaming use is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years in Japan and across the world, and Allied Telesis is pleased to be a part of this growth.

TQ6000 GEN2 wireless access pointAbout the APs
The TQ6702 GEN2, TQ6602 GEN2, TQm6702 GEN2 and TQm6602 GEN2 are dual-radio wireless LAN access points, compatible with Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) and capable of simultaneous use of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The TQ6702 GEN2 and TQm6702 GEN2 support 8 x 8 streams at up to 4.8 Gbps, while the TQ6602 GEN2 and TQm6602 GEN2 support 4 x 4 streams at up to 2.4 Gbps.
wireless Broadband Alliance logoAbout the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)
The WBA is an international organization founded in 2003 to promote seamless, interoperable services through Wi-Fi in a wireless ecosystem. Working with member companies and organizations, we develop, promote and operate the OpenRoaming, a public Wi-Fi standard that enables secure and automatic Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in the world.
Sapporo Gakuin University logoAbout Sapporo Gakuin University
Sapporo Gakuin University aims to cultivate people who can dedicate themselves to the welfare of society at large by fostering a rich humanity, and by teaching and researching deeply specialized academic subjects under the principles of autonomy, human rights, coexistence, and collaboration. As a liberal arts university consisting of four faculties, seven departments, and three graduate schools, we provide a broad liberal arts education and in-depth specialized education to nurture the people who will lead the 21st century.