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Campus Security Upgrade Ensures Success for the Kangan Institute

Kangan Institute is an educational institution and we need to respect students’ rights to do what they need to do without ‘Big Brother’ looking over their shoulder all the time. But a certain level of monitoring is required to keep people and facilities safe. We use CCTV to monitor main entrances and gathering points.

Mr. Kostas Kyrifidis

Kangan Institute,

Senior Consultant, Corporate Services, Resource Management Group

A fundamental aspect of successful system integration is backbone quality. With the Allied Telesis infrastructure, we are assured of success. System uptime and quality transmission is crucial for Kangan Institute — it’s part of our service delivery commitment and security technology posture.

Mr. Gene Coutinho

Institute Security & Environment,

Kangan Institute

The Allied Telesis switches have provided a very stable backbone for this critical service. They have also given us a very flexible capacity. In the two years since the IP network was created, the physical area being monitored has grown and the number of cameras has increased by twenty percent annually. Despite these changes, the switches have continued to operate consistently and reliably without a hiccup.

Kostas Kyrifidis

Senior Consultant, Corporate Services, Resource Management Group,

Kangan Institute