inside calvary convention centre

Seamless Connectivity at World-Class Convention Center

One of South East Asia’s largest churches, Calvary Church, ensures its new convention center is built for the future with an innovative Allied Telesis solution.

Create a Network Built for the Future

Calvary Church in Kuala Lumpur had a vision—to create a world-class intelligent convention center, built for the future. The result was Calvary Convention Centre (CCC), a unique convention center that hosts international, national, and regional conventions, banquets, seminars, musical and creative arts productions, and provides educational and vocational training and spiritual development.

CCC is a 6-story multiplex with a total built-up area of about 600,000 square feet. It has a 5,000-seat capacity auditorium, an educational and training annex, and unique facilities that are dedicated to enhancing educational and convention needs.

The Church needed a world-class vendor with proven technology to provide a future-proof network for CCC. They selected Allied Telesis, an industry leader in the deployment and provision of innovative network solutions that seamlessly connect people, applications, and devices.

CCC's new network had to be robust, scalable, and easy to manage. Multiple systems and applications would converge on the new network, including IP security cameras, IP telephones, IPTV, card access, the PA system, and more. About 50 Ethernet switches were required, distributed around the large premises, to support this modern converged network.

CCC also needed a high-capacity wireless system that could support hundreds of high-throughput users at the same time.

Allied Telesis solutions engineers are well known for their commitment, design, and project management capabilities. They were chosen by CCC to collaborate and contribute to the design of server specifications for the many services, security appliances, and network switching infrastructure that was necessary to support the entire solution.

The international significance of the events that take place in the convention center requires high availability of all services—even minimal downtime during any productions or performances would be unacceptable. For this reason, Allied Telesis devoted significant resources to the design and engineering of the network, and the successful integration of all parts of the system.

A Powerful Collection of Products

The completed project includes one main data center, which supports all of the systems used in the convention center. The Allied Telesis network has been designed to be resilient and ensure always-on access to the various online resources and applications used throughout the convention center.

The network core consists of two SwitchBlade® x908 modular switches, using Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) to form a single virtual device. This provides high-performance data transfer, and when partnered with multiple connections to downstream switches, the network has no single point of failure for uninterrupted network service.

The network distribution layer uses Allied Telesis x610 Series advanced Gigabit Layer 3 switches, while 8000GS Series switches provide edge connectivity to the many devices using the network.

The new wireless solution uses Allied Telesis Channel Blanket technology. A unique Channel Blanket aggregates the wireless signal of multiple access points, creating a coverage blanket over the entire area, which is resilient to interference.

Allied Telesis provided training to CCC staff prior to handover, so they would be confident in the day-to-day use of the advanced, yet easy-to-manage new network solution. They also have a commitment to ongoing consultancy and remote support at any time.

We were looking for a reliable vendor we could trust, with a comprehensive product portfolio, and who was able to provide the support we needed. This is exactly what Allied Telesis delivered. Allied Telesis are always there for their customers, and provide prompt responses, which gave us a lot of confidence in their expertise and professionalism.

Mr. David Tan

IT Administrator,

Calvary Convention Center

Allied Telesis met all of our network requirements. Their robust network design, reliable products and advanced technology support provided the complete package.

Mr. David Tan

IT Administrator,

Calvary Convention Center