Plane taking off from a runway at night


Eliminate potentially life-threatening failures in traffic-controlling equipment. Optimize fault tolerance, and achieve extremely rapid recovery for reliable security video transmission and the remote control of key systems.

High performance

Transmit large numbers of surveillance video feeds, enable rapid switching between monitored streams, while also transporting control, ticketing, information, entertainment, and other data.

Sophisticated management

Conduct detailed network performance monitoring and comprehensive network event audits. Utilize Allied Telesis Autonomous Management FrameworkTM Plus (AMF Plus) to greatly reduce the time and cost of managing network infrastructure.


Eliminate network threats and enable risk-free integration with external agencies’ networks.


Easily integrate video surveillance, ticketing, information, control, and other systems into a converged transportation network.

Transportation goals

  • Ensure fast and efficient passenger movement.
  • Provide real-time transportation updates for passengers.
  • Simplify and automate ticketing and entry systems.
  • Provide security monitoring of public transportation systems.
  • Reduce traffic congestion on city roads.

Why Allied Telesis?

Allied Telesis is an industry leader in networking solutions. With a proven history of delivering highly reliable and feature-rich advanced network solutions, and considerable experience in integrating transportation solutions, more and more transportation authorities are turning to Allied Telesis to achieve their objectives.

Allied Telesis Transportation Solutions provide the resiliency, high performance, sophisticated management, and security you need for your transportation network, both now and well into the future. Our innovative, high-value products meet your requirements for a robust and scalable solution, while still working within your budget.

With an Allied Telesis solution, you also get the significant technical, financial, and operational benefits that come from using a single network vendor from end-to-end across the network. You can avoid issues with interoperation, simplify support escalation paths, optimize network design, and avoid purchasing complications.

Read on to learn how Allied Telesis can provide enhanced operations for your organization.

Resiliency benefits

  • Seamless network flow, even in demanding conditions.
  • High performance at the core of your network.
  • Higher bandwidth and optimum use of available bandwidth.
  • Optimal network speed.
  • Ensure continued delivery of essential services.
  • Reduced risk of network outages.
  • Continued service, even in the event of a power supply failure.

High performance benefits

  • High system reliability.
  • Maximum data throughput.
  • Wirespeed connectivity.
  • Rapid recovery from failures.
  • Lower operational costs through no longer needing to maintain multiple systems.
  • Higher data rates and a simple upgrade path to yet higher rates in the future.
  • Collection of more data for transport analysis and modelling that underlies future planning.

Sophisticated management benefits

  • Easily conduct detailed network performance monitoring and comprehensive network event audits.
  • Clear, comprehensive visibility of network status.
  • Proactive monitoring of network events and performance trends.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality, with multiple secure options for monitoring and configuring devices.
  • Reduced management overhead with integrated network services.
  • Simplified administration with automated network security.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus)

AMF Plus is a sophisticated suite of management tools that provides a simplified approach to network management. Common tasks are automated, and everyday running of the network is made extremely simple. Powerful features like centralized management, auto-backup, auto-upgrade, auto-provisioning, and auto-recovery enable plug-and-play networking and zero-touch management.

AMF Plus is ideal for large transportation networks, which can be operated as a single virtual entity. Automated back-ups and firmware upgrades simplify the task of keeping the network operating at its peak. Automated network expansion and replacement reduce the time and effort required to solve network disruption, and enable plug-and-play replacement of units—ideal for large distributed environments.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

As well as the AW+ CLI, switches and routers can be managed using the intuitive Device GUI for monitoring and management. Some models also feature the integrated Vista Manager Mini for managing wired and wireless networks.

Vista Manager EX—powerful network management and monitoring

Vista Manager EX is the intelligent way to monitor and manage your entire network. including AMF Plus controlled switches and routers, wireless access points, and third party devices.

Single-pane-of-glass visibility improves network management. Enjoy complete network monitoring from the dashboard—including network details, status, event information and a topology map, where critical issues are highlighted for timely resolution. Intuitive access to powerful features like service and performance monitoring, control of wired and wireless devices, and automation tools makes networking easy.

AlliedWare Plus

The advanced AlliedWare PlusTM Operating System delivers a rich feature set and an industry-standard Command Line Interface (CLI), with encrypted management options for maximum security.


Security benefits

  • Protect your network from external attack.
  • Maintain unprecedented control over user acces to your network.
  • Increase your overall reliability and performance, and make the network easier to maintain.
  • Ensure continued operation of essential services.
  • Control the use of network bandwidth, prioritizing critical network services and applications.

Convergence benefits

  • Run multiple systems on a transportation network simultaneously in an integrated solution.
  • Airports, railways, shipping ports, and roadways all benefit from a converged network infrastructure to run multiple systems.
  • Surveillance cameras reduce criminal activity in public transportation areas.
  • Centralized monitoring of IP-based surveillance video enhances security.
  • Wireless communications to buses updates on-board fare card databases in real time.
  • Up-to-date traffic information allows road users to make informed decisions about routes.
  • Remote control of automated ticket and access systems for railways and ferries reduce costs.
  • Real-time safety monitoring occurs within tunnels, at airports, railway stations, and ferry terminals.