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Putting Data to Work

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is a new and significant addition to city executive councils around the globe. The proliferation of this new role is thanks to the greater presence of Internet of Things (IoT) technology where torrents of new data need to be harnessed in order to drive the Smart City revolution.

Between population growth, constrained resources and challenges like tough climate targets, cities have very little choice but to get smarter. And like almost every other facet of life today, the IoT phenomena promises to transform our city lives, revealing new data and operational insights from an exponentially growing number of smart, connected sensors.

But with so many promising IoT solutions in the market today, it can be difficult for city leaders to discern which has tangible benefits to the city and individual agencies.

Allied Telesis is helping cities and their CDOs navigate the challenges of designing and implementing custom IoT solutions that deliver the performance and return-on-investment demanded by city leaders and the citizens they represent.

Transform City Transit Capabilities

As America’s cities look to become smarter, it is important that they consider where regional transit will fit into their smart city plans. Among the many challenges that public transit agencies face - from economic and social, to environmental and safety - the most pressing is the need to increase ridership while maintaining high safety standards and controlling costs.

  • Improve rider awareness, interaction and satisfaction with onboard digital information systems
  • Enhance public safety and surveillance with non-stop video coverage of all assets
  • Transform situational awareness with powerful analytics and visualization tools
  • Improve business efficiency with insights from operational data in real-time

Watch the video to see how we’re building a better Smart City life that’s easy and safe for everyone!

Smarter, Sustainable Buildings

In major cities, buildings are responsible for approximately 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 70% of energy consumption. To better align with climate and sustainability goals, and to help improve public health and safety, smart cities are looking to smart building technologies to drive impactful changes in facilities management.

At Allied Telesis we help organizations of all sizes deliver a healthy, safe, sustainable and enjoyable working and living environment for all occupants.

  • Improve building efficiencies by cutting wastage and maintenance costs
  • Monitor and analyze your building automation systems to produce actionable insights
  • Centralize facilities management and streamline control by connecting multiple buildings to the cloud
  • Secure everything and everyone from malicious cyber attacks 

Smarter Public Safety

Protect your citizens at work, at home or on the move with video and data management solutions that mitigate and prevent safety issues.

  • Connect/upgrade legacy networks for reliable, secure city-wide communications
  • Deploy advanced video and sensor services for real-time event capture and management
  • Operate advanced signage solutions integrated with incident operations
  • Analyze and visualize city-wide operating data for event planning and response preparedness
  • Share real-time video with city, state and federal agencies for large-scale event readiness.
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Building a Smart City with our Partners

See how Allied Telesis and our partners successfully built a Smart City from the ground up, with the Envigilant Sensor Platform (ESP) at the foundation.