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Reset Remote Devices Easily

The number of devices powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) is continuously increasing. Video surveillance cameras and wireless access points are the most common devices, but many others connect to networks every day. When these devices need to be installed in remote locations, far from the first available PoE access switch (e.g., security cameras on a perimeter fence or wireless APs in a large warehouse), media converters can be the easiest connectivity option.

The Problem with Unmanaged Devices

If PoE powers the remote devices, a media converter that provides PoE on the copper port can minimize cabling and simplify installation. As for any powered equipment, sometimes it is necessary to turn the power on and off (i.e., "power cycle") to reset the device if it becomes unresponsive. The problem with most media converters is that they are unmanaged, so it is not possible to power-cycle the connected device remotely.

Therefore, the only solution is to dispatch a technician to the remote location to reset the connected device physically. However, this is an unacceptable solution for critical networks with many remote devices.

A Smart Solution

Therefore, Allied Telesis introduced Remote Power Cycle to its media converters to solve this problem. This feature enables the PoE power to be turned off and on without physically touching the media converter and without a management interface.

Allied Telesis PoE media converters can power-cycle the PoE port whenever the fiber port connection is lost. This enables the network administrator to control the PoE power to the remote device by "bouncing" the fiber link (momentarily disabling then re-enabling the link).

Suppose the fiber port of the media converter is connected to a managed access switch. In that case, the device can be reset directly from the administrator's management console immediately and without any need for a truck roll.

With the programmatic scripting ability built-in to Allied Telesis switches, this process can be automated, or integrated into VMS plug-ins, to further save time and money, improve overall system performance, and drive a better user experience.

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