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Managed Services

Prevent business disruption and simplify network operations by leveraging our network management and monitoring expertise.

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Managed Services are not available in the Asia Pacific region

Our experienced engineers use the best tools and procedures to ensure optimal performance of your ICT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence.

Why choose our managed services?

Predictable and manageable costs

Maximize your budget with the right-sized solution

Scalable access to specific skills and industry intelligence

Retaining your own IT team is difficult and costly, so use our team of experts as much as you need to.

IT management with discipline

We establish and maintain standards and processes for your IT network, leaving your team to focus on their core tasks.

Improved cybersecurity

Our rigorous processes ensure the latest firmware and patches are applied to avoid data breaches and business loss.

Allied Telesis offered the whole package, including managing the network. So far it has been an unbelievably good relationship.

Jack Medford

IS Director

Dallas Medical Center

Network Monitoring

Concentrate on your core business while Allied Telesis applies years of knowledge and experience to monitor the health and status of your network with our Net.Monitor managed service.

  • Multi-vendor device monitoring and compliance reporting against your SLAs.
  • Regular network health reports and online dashboard access to see the status of your network and all monitored devices.
  • Trending and root-cause analysis to monitor key thresholds and prevent outages and performance degradation.

Network Management

Routine management functions, delivered remotely or by on-site personnel with our Net.Assist managed service, reduce the operational burden on your IT team.

  • Routine software/firmware upgrades - ensuring your equipment is operating with the latest feature set, operational fixes, and security updates.
  • Configuration changes to equipment as your network evolves and changes, including robust backup and restoration practices.
  • Troubleshooting for fault detection, isolation and correction.