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Hosted Services

Reduce administration cost and complexity with cloud-based visual management tools

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Allied Telesis hosted management and automation of wired and wireless network devices improves performance, reduces IT overhead, and lets you focus on running your business.

Why choose our hosted services?

Be confident you're not overspending

Scalable and flexible per device pricing enables your business to pay-as-you-grow

Remove planning uncertainty

Reduce CapEx with no need for onsite management server resources

Plan your IT resource costs

Get predictable OpEx without surprise costs and simplify IT resourcing

Eliminate downtime concerns

Ensure business continuity with 24x7 expert technical support from a trusted partner

With your hosted management service we have easy access to cloud-based optimization and management tools - all backed up with professional 24x7 monitoring for peace of mind.

Mr Sugiura

Executive Technical Director

Suminac Philippines Inc.

Hosted Services include:

Autonomous Management Framework Plus

Net.AMF provides centralized control of your wired network with automated backup, recovery, and upgrade

Autonomous Wave Control

Net.AWC is a hosted Wi-Fi service that delivers optimized mobile performance for a superior user experience

Vista Manager

Easy cloud-based wired and wireless visual management for reduced administration time, effort, and cost


Plus 24x7 expert monitoring and reporting from Allied Telesis experts for peace of mind

Talk to us about using cloud-based wired and wireless management to improve your business bottom line.

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