Paramount Bed building in Indonesia

Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity for Sleep Care Products Company

Paramount Bed gets seamless wireless access across the offices and showroom at their Indonesian factory,
with an innovative self-tuning Wi-Fi solution from Allied Telesis.




Paramount Bed



Our Wi-Fi would frequently get disconnected but your solution solved all our connection problems. Thank you for your support.

General Manager

Marketing Department, Paramount Bed Indonesia,


Allied Telesis successfully replaced a poorly-performing wireless network with a new solution to boost coverage and performance, supporting office staff with always-on access to online business systems and applications, as well as product demonstrations for future customers who visit the Paramount showroom.

The solution included:

  • Intelligent access points to improve wireless connectivity
  • Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) provides a self-tuning wireless network that to delivers a better user experience with lower deployment and operating costs
  • Allied Telesis professional services

About Paramount Bed

Paramount Bed is a leading medical products company, serving 110+ countries worldwide. In addition to hospital beds, the firm also develops high-tech healthcare equipment such as the Nemuri SCAN sensor bed mat and the Nemuri SCAN Eye camera. These devices work as a contact-free monitoring system to assist caregivers with patient care.

The Allied Telesis-Paramount Bed partnership

Paramount Bed partnered with Allied Telesis in April 2021. Allied Telesis provides seamless wireless connectivity to their sensor bed mats and eye scan cameras, helping to create cutting-edge medical environments and empowering Paramount Bed to provide the best possible patient care.

The challenge

Construct a high-performing Wi-Fi environment to improve wireless coverage and simplify day-to-day network operations.

On the basis of our existing partnership, Paramount Bed approached us with their challenge: frequent Wi-Fi disconnections and disruptions. The Indonesian factory needed a solution to ensure stable Wi-Fi across their offices and showroom to ensure smooth business operation, and successful product sales demonstrations. Plus, they wanted a vendor who would take over day-to-day administration, so they could concentrate on running their business, while reducing network management overhead.

Always-on connectivity powered by self-tuning Wi-Fi

Allied Telesis installed the new wireless network for Paramount Bed’s offices and showroom. But we didn’t simply replace their existing network, knowing that a simple replacement would not solve their connectivity challenges.

Instead, we did a site survey to understand exactly where Access Points (APs) should be placed for best wireless coverage. We also assessed their current performance issues and did a root cause analysis – discovering two key problems:

  • Existing APs were consumer models and not meant for business use
  • These devices were not placed in the optimal locations for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity

To address these issues, we provided Enterprise-class wireless APs that were optimally placed to ensure the best possible wireless coverage right across the premises. On top of that, our innovative AWC regularly and automatically self-tunes the network to maximize performance, and minimize coverage gaps and interference, ensuring the best possible user experience. This AWC self-tuning Wi-Fi solution requires no administrator time or effort, reducing the cost and complexity of network management.

As well our industry-leading wireless APs, we also provided the rest of the new network solution, including:

VPN to Allied Telesis Net.AWC from HQ and another VPN between Paramount HQ and K-House

Streamlined business operation

Paramount bed now enjoy seamless wireless access to all of their online business systems and applications right across their offices, with disruption or disconnections a thing of the past. They can also demonstrate their leading sleep care products in the showroom to potential customers, and offer visitors wireless Internet access with full confidence.

“Our Wi-Fi would frequently get disconnected but your solution solved all our connection problems. Thank you for your support. We also thank you for conducting wireless network training for our sales team and webinars for our Asia Pacific customers,” says General Manager, Marketing Department, Paramount Bed, Indonesia.

The Allied Telesis solution has created a secure and stable wireless environment, and the self-tuning capabilities of AWC enable superior wireless connectivity that adapts automatically to user bandwidth demands and environmental changes.

Paramount Bed can relax knowing that 24x7 network monitoring and management services remove IT overhead, and frees them to concentrate on their continued drive to provide the best possible sleep care products. They intend to continue partnering with Allied Telesis, creating medical grade solutions that support great patient care.

We have two upcoming Nemuri SCAN projects and would like to propose your wireless for these customers also - when we demonstrate Nemuri SCAN, Allied Telesis wireless will be part of that solution.

General Manager

Marketing Department, Paramount Bed Indonesia,