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Complete Visibility with Smart MissingLink

Media converters are an easy way to extend a network segment or change between fiber and copper cables. Their ease of use and flexibility means they are common in most networks. But, use them with care because if you have two unmanaged media converters on the same link, then connection problems on that link become invisible.

For example, suppose two media converters are connected together and one of the links between them fails. In that case, a managed device, like a switch, connected to either media converter will see an active port, when in fact, the link is down.

Smart Missing Link (SML) from Allied Telesis solves this problem and makes it easy to determine which port still has an active connection and which port requires troubleshooting. Therefore, issue resolution is faster because it is easy to identify the specific network area where the problem is occurring.

With Smart Missing Link, when the media converter loses connection on one of its ports, it flashes the port LEDs in a specific pattern to provide a visual sign that an error has occurred. Simultaneously, it disables the link on its other port to warn the connected switch the connection is down. In this way, the switch can quickly determine that the data path has been compromised and can raise the alarm for immediate resolution.

Smart Missing Link works when either a single media converter is connected between a switch and an end-point or a pair of media converters are used back to back. This feature is available on all Allied Telesis unmanaged media converters.

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