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Advisory Services

Use Allied Telesis design and assessment expertise to put your business in the lead.

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With our professional services, Allied Telesis expert consultants will make sure your network helps your business grow. We have the expertise you need.

Doing digital transformation in house can be challenging:


of digital transformation projects fail


of organizations struggle to find professional talent


cybersecurity positions advertised in the US from Oct 2021 – Sep 2022

We couldn’t be happier with Allied Telesis, both in terms of products and services.
Johan Duchateau

Materialise, Belgium

Network Design Services

Our consultants design a proven solution tailored to your specific requirements, removing the risk of costly network redesigns and missed deadlines. We will:

  • Research your network requirements
  • Design a best-practice network to meet those requirements and future-proof your business
  • Provide you with all the details you need to successfully create the new network

Assessment Services

The assessment service provides access to Allied Telesis experts, to optimize, plan extensions or resolve issues on your network. Options include:

  • Network Auditing – we will analyze your network architecture and assets in detail and report on the potential impact of network changes
  • Issue Auditing – we work with your team to identify the best solution for a complex technical issue or limitation
  • Tailored Workshops – custom sessions to work with your team so we can ensure your network will meet your evolving needs

Our service plans are flexible and can be customized to your individual needs. Talk to us to find out more.

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