Maximize Business Efficiency

AMF network automation increases business agility and efficiency while reducing business risk and costs, powered by intelligent self-managing, self-optimizing, self-defending technology.

Simplify network management
with AMF Network Automation

Managing modern networks is time-intensive and costly, and while cloud computing and converged infrastructures deliver a great deal of business value, they also add complexity.  Allied Telesis has solved these issues with full visibility, easy security, and automated administration of wired and wireless devices across all your business locations.

Enjoy full visibility and proactive management

with reduced network administration time and effort using Vista Manager.

Provide a superior Wi-Fi user experience

with a self-tuning wireless network that runs itself thanks to the innovative Autonomous Wave Control (AWC).

Reduce IT administration time

with automatic network backup, plug-and-play expansion, and zero-touch recovery using Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus).

Ensure a secure work environment

with protection against internal and external malware threats with a Self-Defending Network.

Enable smooth business communication

with self-optimizing inter-branch connectivity powered by SD-WAN.

The fully integrated Allied Telesis solution provides automation without raising costs through the need for more resources or specialized skills, allowing IT staff to make network changes intuitively and rapidly, yet without risk.

Domenico Murolo

Network Manager

Adriatic Ports Authority

Network synapses

We'll show you how AMF Network Automation can maximize business efficiency by minimizing the burden of network management.

Enjoy the benefits of

Total Autonomous Networking

with the power of AMF Plus

Automatic Edge Security

No human latency

Auto attack isolation

Wired and wireless

Easy Network Management

Centralized management

Faster trouble-shooting

Zero-touch installs and automated upgrades

Smart Wireless Control

Better experience

Seamless roaming

Easier deployment

Secure SD-WAN

Optimized bandwidth

App prioritization

Simple deployment

Data protection

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