Virtual UTM Firewall


Allied Telesis AR4000S-Cloud advanced virtual UTM firewall provides an ideal integrated business security platform, and enables cloud-first support for today’s distributed work environments. Power inter-office SD-WAN connectivity, remote worker VPNs, and easy access to cloud-based applications, with a high-performance enterprise solution.


  • Support today’s distributed and fluid work environment with powerful virtualized security
  • Flexible deployment on your own local hardware or cloud-based
  • Choose the performance you need to enable and secure your online environment
  • Connect and protect inter-branch traffic to ensure seamless online business operation
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM) safeguards digital assets and prevents web-based threats from affecting business operation
  • Application control manages which applications staff use, and how they use them
  • Web control boosts user productivity, ensures compliance, and saves bandwidth - while providing easy SaaS connectivity
  • Comprehensive VPN functionality provides secure remote access, so employees can utilize digital business resources from anywhere at any time
  • SD-WAN maximizes performance and automatically optimizes inter-branch applications, as well as cloud-based resources

Key Features

  • AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system
  • Intuitive Device GUI for security monitoring and management
  • Application aware high-performance firewalling with Deep Packet Inspection
  • Advanced Firewall and Advanced Threat Protection licenses provide leading traffic control and threat protection features
  • Support for high-speed interface connectivity from 1Gbps right up to 100Gbps
  • Pay-as-you-go cloud-based deployment options provide the performance you need today, with an easy upgrade tomorrow



Feature1 vCPU / 4GB Memory2 vCPU / 8GB Memory4 vCPU / 16GB Memory8 vCPU / 32GB Memory
Firewall throughput (Raw)36 Gbps80 Gbps100 Gbps108 Gbps
Firewall throughput (App Control)3 Gbps7 Gbps18 Gbps36 Gbps
Concurrent firewall sessions300,0001,000,0001,000,0001,000,000
Configurable firewall rules3,0005,0005,0005,000
Advanced Threat Protection throughput3 Gbps6 Gbps12 Gbps24 Gbps
VPN (IPSec) throughput2 Gbps4 Gbps8 Gbps16 Gbps
VPN (IPSec) connections1,0001,0001,5001,500

Note: All performance values are UDP maximums, and vary depending on system configuration.

Testing hardware: Dell PowerEdge R750xs with Intel® Xeon® Gold 6334 CPU (connected via an Intel E810-CQDA2 dual port QSFP28 100G adapter).

Ordering Information



The VPN10S “Standard speed” base license supports deploying on local hardware or in the cloud with 1/2.5/5G interface connectivity.

The VPN10H “High speed” base license supports deploying on local hardware or in the cloud with 10/25/40/100G interface connectivity.

Both the VPN10S and VPN10H base licenses include VPN connectivity for 10 branch office locations, as well as advanced firewall and routing functionality.


Purchase one VPN10ADD license per 10 extra VPN connections to branch office locations.

Where x =
1 for a one year subscription
5 for a five year subscription

See the install guide for instructions on downloading and installing the AR4000S-Cloud software, and license to enable operation.

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