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Healthcare Solutions Guide

As operating costs continue to grow, Allied Telesis is here to make sure you’re delivering the most secure, reliable and efficient healthcare solutions to your patients.


of healthcare providers are in the process of transforming their business model over the next 12 months.

­­Source: Gartner Research, 2019

Priorities for Healthcare Networks

  • Facilitate access to information and resources, yet maintain the security of confidential data
  • Provide secure network access to care providers and staff
  • Provide guest internet access to patients and family members
  • Protect confidential patient data from unauthorized access
  • Be ready for emerging business applications
  • Support and optimize multi-site WAN connections
  • Be easy to configure, manage, and troubleshoot, minimizing costly administration and downtime
  • Support centralized management for remote sites without IT resources
  • Provide automatic recovery from equipment or link failure as well as from accidental loops

Key elements of an agile and future-proof healthcare network are:

Reliable High-Speed Wired and Wireless Access

Care providers using a variety of mobile devices need to reliably—and securely—access patient information from anywhere, and with enough bandwidth for medical imagery and video in real-time. Patient support systems including telemedicine and remote health monitors need a seamless connection without interruption. High-speed internet access for guests must also support high-density traffic.

Overall Security

Patient records contain extremely sensitive and high-value information. Therefore, the network must be secured from unauthorized access as well as data leakage or theft.

In parallel to cybersecurity, physical security must be implemented to protect assets and patients.

Easy Network Management

The network must easily manage wired and wireless devices on and off-premises from a remote operation center.

Finding a network that meets all your needs can seem like an impossible task—but with an Allied Telesis networking solution tailored for your organization, it is both achievable and simple.


No Compromise Wi-Fi

Ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed and provide high device density support for medical equipment and caregiver access.

Network Management Made Easy

Automate your network management using a single smart tool to add intelligence and security with easy management and to reduce risks and support costs while enabling remote site support.

Digital Video Security

Dedicated product portfolio to securely and reliably transport video footage across the IP network.


VCStack and link aggregation provide a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members, ensuring device and path resiliency.

VCStack can be spread over long distances, with fiber connectivity. A long distance VCStack is perfect for distributed network environments or data-mirroring solutions.

Allied Telesis Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing) solutions provide high performance, high reliability and flexible, scalable distributed network cores.

The recovery time when links or nodes go down is extremely fast—as low as 50 ms, making this solution ideal for the provision of a healthcare network with voice, video and data services.


of patients have privacy concerns when health information is electronically exchanged.


To enable a Self-Defending Network that helps organizations avoid lost time and unnecessary disruption to network services, the AMF-Sec Controller is key to our innovative and award-winning AMF Security solution.

Key Features:

  • OpenFlow v1.3 compatible
  • Suitable for both wired and wireless networks
  • Integrates with business apps to save time and money
  • Integrates with security products to detect threats
  • Intelligent Isolation Adapter engine automatically blocks threats
  • Scalable—add more business apps for greater value

Build higher-performance, more secure WANs, and improve productivity while reducing complexity and cost.

WAN automation reduces the need for skilled resources at the branch by centralizing performance optimization and monitoring for easy WAN management.

The patient-centered approach of the healthcare industry follows the direction of service decentralization where care facilities are located at local sites. These local sites need to be connected to the main network as if they were in the same hospital building with secure and reliable access.

For the network infrastructure, the quality of the remote site connection is not a trivial matter and needs to be carefully developed to maintain the same quality level available in the main hospital. The main issues in providing a remote connection are the availability, cost, and security.

There are mainly two options to interconnect remote sites: a dedicated rented connection with a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA), or a private virtual link over a public network, wired or wireless.

The first solution is more expensive but guarantees the bandwidth and the link availability. The second solution is less expensive but does not guarantee performance and availability.

To provide high availability service, the best option is to connect the remote sites using multiple links and split the traffic between them depending on the application, the link cost and other parameters. The use of multiple links permits a backup in case of failure and results in a high-availability solution.

To secure the data between the remote site and the main hospital, a secure VPN link is always required. The multi-link management usually requires complex management, heavily involving the IT department for any required change.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) is an advanced network technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver significant improvements in wireless network connectivity and performance while reducing deployment and operating costs.

AWC monitors the Wi-Fi environment and optimizes the wireless coverage to provide the best possible performance under any conditions.

Increasing network complexity significantly raises demands on network management and specialized resources. Implementing an automation solution simplifies and lowers the cost of managing the network.

Vista Manager EX is a modular single-pane-of-glass approach to network management. It has a dashboard showing network details, status, and events on a topology map, and it highlights critical issues to minimize reaction time and to help resolve problems in a timely fashion without the need for highly-qualified network engineers.

A series of modules to control the wired network, wireless devices, the WAN link and automations tools make networking easy and the solution modular.

Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF Plus)

Reduce network operating costs with the added intelligence and automation of centralized management.

Automated services including firmware upgrades, backup, recovery and zero-touch provisioning are only some of the AMF Plus features to minimize the resources required to manage a complex healthcare network.

Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) - add-on module

Analyze and optimize the performance of complex wireless networks. Install and forget your wireless network with an autonomous tool that analyzes traffic patterns and automatically configures access points to meet demand.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Centrally manage and automatically optimize inter-branch traffic with SD-WAN. Refer to the section on “Reliable and Easy WAN Management” for more details.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) - add-on module

Auto-discover and manage a wide range of devices in a multi-vendor environment within Vista Manager EX with SNMP add-on.

Different network views enable visibility the way you prefer. Extend network monitoring with automated notifications and alerts for proactive management.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework Plus (AMF plus) is a scalable network management platform.

It supports Allied Telesis switching, firewall, and wireless products, as well as a wide range of third-party devices—including video surveillance cameras and IP phones—for network automation.

Vista Manager EX delivers state-of-the-art monitoring and automatically creates a complete topology map of switches, firewalls and wireless APs.

With simplified VLAN creation and mapping, traffic analysis and SD-WAN operations, effortless management of all network devices is now a reality.

A Vista Manager version embedded in our core Allied Telesis switches and firewalls provides an easy and fast network management solution for small and medium installations.

Without the need for external tools, Vista Manager Mini provides easy access to the power of AMF Plus and AWC for wired and wireless management.

Building access control systems help to protect the physical hospital environment, but not entirely. This is due to the large volume of staff working in the hospital, and patients and visitors coming in and out, making complete control difficult.

Therefore, an advanced video surveillance system is required to monitor both inside and out the medical facility, and to verify what’s happening in specific areas.

Digital Video Security

In any video surveillance implementation, all the storage devices, surveillance cameras and video management systems rely on the network infrastructure to transport video.

The effect of video surveillance on the network needs to be considered to avoid a negative impact on the performance of other services.

The traffic generated by IP cameras, in combination with the existing traffic on the main links from services, must be calculated in advance to correctly ensure a smooth and reliable transmission.

The key part of the installation is powered by PoE with power consumption that depends on multiple factors like the camera type and the accessories (heater, motors, etc.). In the network design phase, the access switches connected with the IP cameras need to be selected to be able to provide enough power to drive all the attached cameras.

ONVIF support

Allied Telesis has simplified the installation and setup of video surveillance networks by adding support for ONVIF protocols to our AMF network automation solution. This enables easier deployment, management, and maintenance of remote security cameras.

Milestone integration

The Milestone integration plug-in is an add-on to Milestone System’s XProtect VMS that enables direct control of IP cameras connected to Allied Telesis switches. The plug-in simplifies remote camera management for security staff by integrating common admin tasks into the XProtect graphical interface, saving time and expensive call outs.