Enjoy a higher quality Wi-Fi experience

Ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed. Simplify purchasing and support. Lower your operating costs.

Allied Telesis has APs that support its channel blanket architecture, which can simplify channel planning and enable seamless roaming in high-density environments by eliminating co-channel interference.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Hybrid Wi-Fi delivers where others can't

Deploy multi-channel and single-channel WLAN network solutions simultaneously and optimize Wi-Fi performance with advanced network automation and management tools.

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Don't sacrifice performance for reliability

Acceptable wireless connectivity shouldn't be a compromise between convenience and reliability. Hybrid wireless delivers both.

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TQ5403 Hybrid Wireless Access Point

The world's first hybrid WLAN network solution for optimized wireless across the Enterprise.

  • 802.11ac Wave 2
  • 1 x 2.4GHz radio and 2 x 5GHz radios
  • Simultaneous multi-channel and single-channel operation
  • 2133Mbps raw wireless throughput
  • Standalone or managed by AWC

Learn more about the TQ5403 hybrid AP.

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Reduce human involvement in the deployment and tuning of wireless networks

By analyzing signal coverage gaps and Wi-Fi Access Point interference, Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) automatically delivers a high-quality wireless experience. Reduce your dependency on skilled network engineers and enjoy lower operating costs.

AWC Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) enables control of hybrid Access Points that simultaneously provide single and multi-channel Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. AMF and Vista Manager EX provide powerful network automation and management for wired and wireless networks.
  2. A Wi-Fi blanket covers the whole office, allowing seamless and stable streaming of video and data to all clients. WLAN performance is optimized because AWC automatically connects clients to the most appropriate wireless AP. The channel blanket architecture is most suited to environments that demand highly reliable connections to mobile clients, where even a momentary loss of data connectivity can have a serious impact.
  3. Wi-Fi signals can be affected by an office layout. AWC automatically tunes wireless AP signal strength for optimum WLAN coverage.
  4. Hybrid wireless networks using a single AP design, allow multi-cell Wi-Fi to be enabled where it is required.
  5. Hybrid wireless solutions can help address AP interference issues in multi-floor building environments.
  6. High speed roaming allows mobile clients to effortlessly move from one wireless blanket to another.

AWC is available as a plugin for Vista Manager EX, our state-of-the-art network management and monitoring tool.

Powerful features enable easy wireless deployment, client and AP monitoring, and visualization of Wi-Fi performance.

For smaller wireless networks that may not need the capabilities of Vista Manager EX, the device GUI on some of our switches, routers, and firewalls incorporates Vista Manager mini, with easy Wi-Fi setup, floor and heat maps, and other management and monitoring tools.


Invest in self-defending networks for added protection

With cyber attacks and their associated financial impact on the rise, you can't be too careful. AMF Security automates and enhances network security with a seamless solution that also reduces cost and complexity.


Reduce the burden of network administration

Increase network intelligence and control with centralized management.

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