User Guide: AWC plug-in version 3.6.0 for VST-APL

Welcome to the AWC plug-in for VST-APL User Guide

Allied Telesis Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) is an advanced network technology that utilizes game theory to deliver significant improvements in wireless network connectivity and performance. AWC can automatically minimize coverage gaps and reduce Wireless Access Point (AP) interference and respond to network configuration changes and bandwidth demands from user devices.

AWC is closely integrated with Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework (AMF) and is managed by Allied Telesis Vista Manager. AWC is available as an optional plug-in for Vista Manager running on a Vista Manager Network Appliance.

Vista Manager Network Appliance

The Vista Manager Network Appliance (VST-APL) includes the tools to simplify and centralize management and security of your network. It provides an integrated graphical view for monitoring and management of wired, wireless and third-party devices.

Vista Manager

Vista Manager is a state-of-the-art management and monitoring tool for LAN, SD-WAN and wireless networks delivering powerful automation features.

Structure of this manual

This HTML manual covers the AWC plug-in features and how to use them. It is split into the following sections:

Quick TourShows you the steps for configuring the AWC plug-in.
Supported Functions per AP ModelLists the features supported for each AP model.
Screen LayoutExplains the basic screen layout of the AWC plug-in.
Operation ReferenceCovers the wireless AP management facilities of the AWC plug-in. These range from fundamental items, which should always be configured, to advanced ones such as AWC, AWC-CB (AWC-Channel Blanket) and AWC-SC (AWC-Smart Connect).
Screen ReferenceCovers each management page in detail.

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