Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) Feature Overview and Configuration Guide

The firewall feature on the AlliedWare Plus UTM Firewalls and Secure VPN Routers offers security, flexibility and ease of use. Unlike a traditional firewall, they will keep pace with rapid changes in Internet-based applications, enabling enterprises to see the benefits of web-based technology without costly security issues.

The firewalls and routers also support also supports Network Address Translation (NAT), allowing a single device to act as an agent between the public Internet and a local private network.

With NAT, private (RFC1918) IPv4 addresses can be configured on devices located on the private side of the firewall. When those devices send traffic to the Internet, the firewall translates the private addresses to become one or more publicly-valid addresses. When the firewall receives traffic that is destined for those devices, it translates the public address back to the appropriate private address.

This document gives an overview of the firewall and NAT on AlliedWare Plus firewalls and routers, followed by examples illustrating how to configure them in various network situations.

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