Getting Started with the Device GUI on Switches

The Device GUI dashboard provides visual monitoring of ports and traffic throughput, with the top 10 utilized ports, and status and statistics for all ports. System information shows current CPU and memory use, as well as environmental information.

The GUI provides management of interfaces, VLANs, static routes, ACLs, DNS, PoE and other features, as well as providing a DHCP server, a RADIUS server, and network testing tools. You can also manage logs, files, and feature licenses. On some devices, you can use Vista Manager mini, to easily manage your wireless LAN, and automatically optimize wireless coverage.

The Device GUI enables user-friendly monitoring and management of your switch, and also includes direct access to our industry-standard Command Line Interface (CLI) when more complex configuration is required.

This guide shows how to manage an Allied Telesis switch running the AlliedWare Plus operating system using the Device GUI.

AlliedWare Plus