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Vista Manager EX is a state-of-the-art management and monitoring tool for LAN, SD-WAN and wireless networks delivering powerful automation features.

It is available either as a software deployment or as a Vista Manager Network Appliance (VST-APL). The software deployment options include:

  • a virtual machine with Vista Manager Virtual (VST-VRT),
  • a Windows server installation,
  • or, a standalone virtual appliance on a suitable virtualization platform.

Vista Manager EX comes with additional, optional, plug-ins. These are available on all except the standalone virtual appliance deployment.

These guides cover the Windows Server and Virtual Appliance installations only. They do not cover the VST-APL and VST-VRT installations.

The Windows-based installation guide includes instructions for installing the optional AWC and SNMP plug-ins.

For more Vista Manager EX documentation, see the Vista Manager EX™ Technical Documents.