User Guide: AMF Security Controller version 2.1.0

Controlling Devices with OpenFlow

OpenFlow Basic Configuration Example

In this section, this is a basic setting example of OpenFlow.

For each device connected to the OpenFlow Switch, AMF Security performs authentication and assigns an appropriate VLAN.
If AMF Security is configured to work with external applications, AMF Security also performs the action defined on the System Settings > Trap Monitor Settings page when it's notified of a suspected node by the application.

To use this function, the feature license is required on the AMF master side. AMF Cloud and SwitchBlade come with the feature license as standard, and other AMF Master devices require an optional AMF Application Proxy license. Please check our website for details.

◼ Configuration
As an example, configure the following network:

◼ Configuring AMF Security

Table 1: Sample Configuration Data
Item Name Value
IP Address
OpenFlow TCP Port 6653
OpenFlow Switch's upstream port port1.0.5

◼ Device Authentication Data to register on AMF Security

Table 2: Sample Configuration Data
Item Name Value
Device ID Device1
MAC Address 00:00:00:00:00:01
VLAN to assign VLAN100
Device ID Device2
MAC Address 00:00:00:00:00:02
VLAN to assign VLAN101
Device ID Device3
MAC Address 00:00:00:00:00:03
VLAN to assign None

Configuring OpenFlow Switch

The case of using AT-x510-28GTX is explained as an example.
Refer to the AlliedWare Plus Product's command reference manual for the commands described below.
  1. Disable the VCS feature because it's not supported to use OpenFlow on stacked devices.
      awplus(config)# no stack 1 enable
    Make sure to save the configuration and reboot the switch after disabling the VCS feature.

  2. Create VLANs for packet forwarding on OpenFlow ports.
      awplus(config)# vlan database
      awplus(config-vlan)# vlan 100-104

  3. Create a VLAN for packet forwarding on ordinary switch ports.
      awplus(config-vlan)# vlan 10

  4. Create a VLAN and configure it as the OpenFlow control VLAN.
      awplus(config-vlan)# vlan 4090
      awplus(config)# openflow native vlan 4090

  5. Assign an IP address to a VLAN to communicate with the controller (control plane).
      awplus(config)# interface vlan1
      awplus(config-if)# ip address

  6. Specify an IP address and TCP port of the OpenFlow controller (AMF Security).
      awplus(config)# openflow controller oc1 tcp 6653

  7. Assign the VLAN to ordinary switch ports.
      awplus(config)# interface port1.0.1-1.0.4
      awplus(config-if)# switchport access vlan 10

  8. Configure port 1.0.5 to 1.0.28 as OpenFlow ports.
    Disable the MAC address thrashing protection which cannot be used on OpenFlow ports.
      awplus(config)# interface port1.0.5-1.0.28
      awplus(config-if)# openflow
      awplus(config-if)# thrash-limiting action none

  9. Add the following configurations to prevent control packets from being sent out on the OpenFlow ports.

    Table 3: Sample Configuration Data
    Item Name Value
    System-wide configuration Disable RSTP and MLD Snooping
    On the VLANs for packet forwarding on OpenFlow ports Disable MLD Snooping
    On the OpenFlow control VLAN Disable IGMP Snooping TCN Query Solicitation and MLD Snooping.

      awplus(config)# no spanning-tree rstp enable
      awplus(config)# no ipv6 mld snooping

      awplus(config)# interface vlan100-104
      awplus(config-if)# no ipv6 mld snooping

      awplus(config)# interface vlan4090
      awplus(config-if)# no ip igmp snooping tcn query solicit
      awplus(config-if)# no ipv6 mld snooping
    If the LDF is globally enabled on the switch, make sure to disable the LDF on all the OpenFlow ports.

  10. Configure the upstream port 1.0.5 as a tagged port and assign the control plane VLAN and the ordinary port VLAN to the port.
    Also disable the ingress filtering to be able to receive any other tagged VLANs.
      awplus(config)# interface port1.0.5
      awplus(config-if)# switchport mode trunk ingress-filter disable
      awplus(config-if)# switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1,10
    Save the configuration and reboot the switch.

      awplus# write memory
      awplus# reboot
      reboot system? (y/n): y

Configuring AMF Security

  1. Registering Network
    Open Add Network page from the Policy Settings > Network List page to register a network to which devices is assigned.
    Enter a Network ID and a VLAN ID, then click "Submit".

    You can view the added network on the Policy Settings > Network List page. Repeat this process until you add all required networks.

  2. Registering Device
    Open Add Device page from the Device > Device List page to register devices.
    Enter a device ID, then click the "Add Interface" button to open the "Edit Interface" dialog.
    Enter the device's MAC address and click "Submit".

    Click "Add" in "Policies" section to specify a network to assign to the device.
    Enter a priority, select a network to assign and click "Submit".

    Once the interface and the policy are added, click "Submit" to register the device.

    You can view the added device on the Device > Device List page. Repeat this process until you add all devices.

  3. Registering OpenFlow Switch
    Connect the AMF Security and the OpenFlow Switch to the network.
    Once the connection between AMF Security and the OpenFlow Switch is established, connected OpenFlow Switches are displayed on the Switches > Active OpenFlow Switch List page.

    Click "Register" in "Switch ID" column to open the Switches > Add OpenFlow Switch page.
    If the default name looks good, just click "Submit".

    You can view the added OpenFlow Switch on the Switches > OpenFlow Switch List page.

    If you are not using location-based authentication or OpenFlow Switch authentication, you do not have to register OpenFlow Switches.
You have finished configuring the OpenFlow Switch and the AMF Security.

AMF Security authenticates devices connected to the OpenFlow Switch using the registered authentication data.
You can view the authentication results on the Device > Active Device List page.

OpenFlow Switch Configuration (AT-x510-28GTX)

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