User Guide: AMF Security Controller version 2.2.2

Welcome to the AMF Security Controller User Guide

The Allied Telesis AMF Security (AMF-Sec) Controller enables our state-of-the-art network management and security solution. It provides exactly what enterprises need—reduced management costs, increased security and an improved end-user experience.

Allied Telesis Autonomous Management FrameworkTM (AMF) simplifies and automates network management. AMF-Sec adds a powerful security component with an intelligent, fully-featured SDN controller. It reduces manual effort and cost in two ways: first, it reads data from business applications and automatically changes network configuration. Then, AMF-Sec works with security applications to instantly respond to alerts, and block the movement of threats within a wired or wireless network.

Structure of this manual

This HTML manual covers the AMF Security Controller software installation, features, and configuration. It is split into the following sections:

InstallationThis section describes how to install AMF-Sec Controller and its licenses on a server.
Accessing Management InterfaceThis section describes how to set up your management station to access the AMF-Sec Controller's web interface, how to login/navigate/logout and how to save the configurations on various pages
Quick TourShows you overall steps to configure AMF-Sec Controller in a quick tour style.
ReferencesCovers each configuration page in detail.
AppendixCovers the additional topics such as system recovery, CSV file and configuring switches or routers.
Configuration ExamplesShows how to configure AMF-Sec and AlliedWare Plus products with real-world configuration examples.

Download this manual

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After downloading, extract the ZIP file and open index.html in your preferred web browser.

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