Y-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd. selects an Allied Telesis solution for its brand new network.


Y-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of its parent company, Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd., which is located in Japan’s Saitama prefecture. Yamashita Rubber researches, manufactures and supplies automotive anti-vibration parts. Most of these products are parts for the automobile industry.

Yamashita Rubber Co., Ltd. has factories and Research and Development (R&D) centers in Japan and the United States, as well as in six other countries. Y-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd. was the third R&D center to be established by Yamashita Rubber, after Japan and the USA. To stay at the forefront of their industry, Yamashita Rubber must constantly innovate and evolve to meet changing customer requirements.

In mid-2014, it was time to install the new network at the Y-Tec Vietnam office. As an R&D center, Y-Tec Vietnam handles confidential information about the company and its customers. Security was therefore a primary requirement.

The network needed a resilient core to ensure high availability of online resources and applications, and also handle the addition of IP security camera traffic.

Prompt and reliable support was also a must.

With a limited budget, the new network solution had to offer value for money, yet still meet all of the company’s requirements for security and high performance.

After reviewing numerous proposals, Y-Tec Vietnam, working with NTT Communications (Vietnam) Ltd., selected an Allied Telesis solution. The chosen solution checked all the boxes in terms of security, high performance, and support, and it also represented value for money—for installation, management and operation.

As well as meeting all of our technical requirements, the Allied Telesis solution was very appealing to us because it offered superior support before, during, and after the new network installation. With customer support available to us in Vietnam, we felt assured that we were making a wise choice.

Mr. Akira Saito

Senior Manager, Analysis Division,

Y-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Y-Tec Vietnam’s new network features advanced Allied Telesis products, including x610 Series Advanced Layer 3+ Gigabit Ethernet Stackable Switches, x510 Series Stackable Gigabit Edge Switches, and x210 Series Enterprise Edge Switches.

The x610 Series provide a high performing and future-proof network core, with an extensive range of port-density and connectivity options, as well as stacking capability for high-availability.

The distribution layer features x510 Series switches, which utilize stacking for resiliency, and are also deployed for server and storage access.

Allied Telesis x210 Series switches connect the company’s IP security cameras and wireless access points, while the GS950 Series provide edge connectivity.

The VCStack LD™ solution provides a network with no single point of failure, and a single management entity, which can be formed over long distance fiber links for a truly distributed network core. This provides resiliency, scalability and ease of management.

The ring topology using Allied Telesis EPSRing reduced the cost of cable design and installation, and ensured no network downtime with almost instantaneous failure recovery. Allied Telesis was an easy choice.

Mr. Kawaguchi

IT Director,

NTT Communications (Vietnam) Ltd.

Allied Telesis EPSRing™ is a premier solution for providing extremely fast failover between nodes in a resilient ring. EPSRing enables rings to recover within as little as 50ms, preventing a node or link failure from affecting customer experience. This met Y-Tec Vietnam’s requirement for high performance, even when converging demanding applications like streaming video from IP security cameras on their new network.


The new network was installed efficiently and without any issues, and has operated easily and reliably since. The simple and effective operation of the network means that Y-Tec Vietnam’s employees can spend time and attention on other areas of the business.

The power of VCStack LD has guaranteed a highly available network, with staff having always-on access to online resources. Allied Telesis EPSRing gives Y-Tec Vietnam high-performing connectivity to support all of their digital assets, as well as the convergence of IP security camera video on the network to ensure a safe working environment. The efficient design of the EPSRing means they also enjoy lower cabling costs.

Allied Telesis provided superior support—before, during, and after the network installation. The Allied Telesis staff responded to our concerns quickly and effectively. In particular, they offered ongoing support and service structure right here in Vietnam, which was very important. NTT Com Vietnam has had a lot of experience working with Allied Telesis, and was very confident in the company, and its products and staff.

Mr. Akira Saito

Senior Manager, Analysis Division,

Y-Tec Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing)

Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)

x610 Series

x510 Series

x210 Series

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