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Wireless Access Points

Our wireless access points deliver seamless roaming and high throughput for a superior mobile experience. From cost-conscious small offices to large-scale, high-capacity deployments covering indoors and outdoors, we have the right solution.

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Enterprise Wireless Access Points

Our Enterprise-class hybrid APs enable operation in both Multi-Channel for maximum throughput and Single-Channel (called Channel Blanket) for seamless roaming, simultaneously.


Enjoy the best possible wireless performance with the TQ6602 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

The power and capacity of Wi-Fi 6 supports large numbers of users and the explosive growth in mobile data traffic. Enable all of your connected IoT devices, and ensure a smooth operation of immersive-experience and real-time applications.

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Small Business Wireless Access Points

Our SMB wireless APs enable the best possible performance for your small-medium business
with a wireless network that tunes itself.

We now have wireless access covering the entire factory, so secure access is available anywhere, any time.

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Outdoor Wireless Access Points

Designed to operate in extreme conditions, these rugged access points are ideal for use outdoors or in harsh environments.