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Vista Manager Virtual (VST-VRT) includes the tools to simplify and centralize management and security of your network. The VST-VRT software is supplied as an .iso file and deployed to VirtualBox. It provides an integrated graphical view for monitoring and management of wired, wireless and third-party devices by combining:

  • Vista Manager to provide an integrated graphical display of your network
  • AMF Cloud to manage Allied Telesis wired switches and firewalls
  • Wireless Controller (AWC) to manage and automatically optimize Allied Telesis wireless network devices
  • SNMP and SNMP-based Trap Receiver to monitor a broad range of third-party devices
  • AMF Security to defend your network from internal threats.

The following user guide covers the installation, configuration, and management of Vista Manager Virtual.

For more Vista Manager Virtual documentation see the Vista Manager Virtual (VST-VRT) Technical Documents.