5G Mobile UTM Firewall Feature Overview and Configuration Guide

The AlliedWare Plus™ AR4050S-5G mobile broadband UTM firewall has the same features as the AR4050S with the addition of 5G. 5G is a 5th generation mobile communication system which offers high speed, large capacity and low latency. 5G allows you to connect multiple devices that you can use to link from remote offices to your local corporate network. You can also back up a wired Ethernet Internet connection on a corporate WAN. The 5G feature uses an internal cellular modem that supports 5th generation mobile communication. This modem supports configuration of carrier information used to connect to mobile carrier networks. This modem connects automatically to 3G and 4G wireless networks giving you the best available connection. The router connects to the fastest available wireless technology. Dual SIM card slots support resilient mobile connectivity, with the ability to use SIM cards from two different carriers.

  • 5G refers to the internal Sierra Wireless EM9191 modem. It features a higher speed wireless connection that creates two WWAN interfaces. The interface ‘wwan0’ is used for the internal EM9191 modem. The interface ‘wwan1’ is available for external USB 3G and 4G cellular modems.
  • For more information about using USB cellular modems to connect to 3G and 4G, see the USB Cellular Modem Feature Overview and Configuration Guide.

This guide describes the AlliedWare Plus™ AR4050S-5G mobile broadband UTM firewall and how to configure it.

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