Installation Guide: SwitchBlade x3112 and AT-SBx31CFC Controller Card

Includes the following components:

  • AT-SBx3112 Chassis
  • AT-SBx31CFC Controller Fabric Card
  • AT-SBx31GT24 Ethernet Line Card
  • AT-SBx31GT40 Ethernet Line Card
  • AT-SBx31GP24 Ethernet PoE Line Card
  • AT-SBx31GS24 Ethernet SFP Line Card
  • AT-SBx31GC40 Ethernet SFP CSFP BiDi Line Card
  • AT-SBx31XZ4 Ethernet XFP Line Card
  • AT-SBx31XS6 Ethernet SFP+ Line Card
  • AT-SBxPWRSYS1 and AT-SBxPWRSYS2 System Power Supplies
  • AT-SBxPWRPOE1 PoE Power Supply