OSPFv3 Feature Overview and Configuration Guide

This How To Note provides an introduction to Open Shortest Path First Version 3 (OSPFv3) operation in AlliedWare Plus. It is not a complete explanation of the protocol, rather it is an explanation of how to configure some introductory OSPFv3 scenarios, and how to interpret the output of the AlliedWare Plus OSPFv3 show commands.

It will teach you the basics of using OSPFv3 on AlliedWare Plus, and how to view and monitor your OSPFv3 set up and behaviour. It contains:

  • a work through of a simple 2-router scenario
  • an analysis of a basic inter-area configuration
  • a discussion on OSPFv3 route summarization
  • a summary of the key differences between OSPFv3 and OSPFv2.

In addition, this How To Note also briefly looks at redistribution of connected and RIPng routes.

AlliedWare Plus