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Allied Telesis Hardware and Software Warranty Summary - EMEA

February 2018 - June 2024


Product SeriesManufacturer's Hardware Warranty (1)Software Release (3)
AT-VST-APL Series5 years90 days
AT-AR1050V5 years2 years
AT-AR2010V/AT-AR2050V5 years2 years
AT-AR3050S/AT-AR4050S5 years2 years
AT-SBx8100 Series5 years90 days
AT-SBx908GEN2 Series5 years90 days
AT-x950 Series5 years90 days
AT-x930 Series5 years90 days
AT-x550 Series5 years90 days
AT-x530 Series (2)5 years90 days
AT-x530L Series5 years90 days
AT-IX5-28GPX (2)5 years90 days
AT-x330 Series5 years90 days
AT-x320 Series5 years90 days
AT-x230 Series5 years90 days
AT-x220 Series5 years90 days
CentreCom XS900MX Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS980MX Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS980EM Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS980M Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS970M Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS970EMX Series5 years2 years
CentreCom FS980M Series5 years2 years
CentreCom FS970M Series5 years2 years
CentreCom XS910 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS950 V2 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS950 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS920 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom GS910 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom FS750 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom FS710 Series5 years2 years
AT-TQ Series5 years2 years
AT-TQm Series5 years2 years
AT-MWS5 years2 years
Industrial Series  
AT-IE510-28GSX5 years2 years
AT-IE340 Series5 years2 years
AT-IE340L Series5 years2 years
AT-IE300 Series5 years2 years
AT-IE210L Series5 years2 years
AT-IE200 Series5 years2 years
AT-IS230 Series5 years2 years
AT-IS130 Series5 years2 years
CentreCom IA Series5 years2 years
AT-IFS Series5 years2 years
NSP/ISP Series  
AT-SBx3100 Chassis (2)2 years90 days
AT-SBx3100 Cards2 years90 days
AT-IMG 2400 Series2 years90 days
AT-IMG 2500 Series2 years90 days
AT-IMG 1400 Series2 years90 days
AT-IMG 1500 Series2 years90 days
Networks Adapters  
AT-27M2 Series2 years90 days
AT-2711 Series2 years90 days
AT-2712 Series2 years90 days
AT-2814/AT-28742 years90 days
AT-29M2 Series2 years90 days
AT-2912 Series2 years90 days
AT-2914 Series2 years90 days
AT-2916/AT-2931 Series2 years90 days
AT-2972 Series2 years90 days
AT-ANC10S/22 years90 days
Media Converters  
Converteon Series2 yearsLifetime
AT-DMCxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-FSxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-GSxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-IMCxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-MCxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-MCFxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-MCRxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-MMCxxx Series2 yearsN/A
AT-PCxxx Series2 yearsN/A
Pluggable Modules  
AT-QSFP Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SP10 Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SPBD Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SPEX2 yearsN/A
AT-SPFX Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SPLX Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SPSX Series2 yearsN/A
AT-SPTX2 yearsN/A
AT-SP10T2 yearsN/A

1. Warranty start date is hardware shipment date from Allied Telesis (Grace Period 90 days).
2. 1 year hardware warranty for removable FAN & PWR module.
3. Software warranty is 90 days from the date of purchase. Software releases are available from the date of purchase, for the term shown below, by opening a support case with the Allied Telesis support team.