Installation Guide: SBx908 GEN2 Virtual Chassis Stacking

The instructions in this guide explain how to install SwitchBlade x908 Generation 2 (SBx908 GEN2) advanced modular, Layer 3 switches as virtual stacks with the VCStack feature. The manual includes the SBx908 GEN2 Chassis and these Ethernet line cards and hardware components:

  • XEM2-8XSTm Ethernet Line Card
  • XEM2-12XT Ethernet Line Card
  • XEM2-12XTm Ethernet Line Card
  • XEM2-12XS Ethernet Line Card
  • XEM2-4QS Ethernet Line Card
  • XEM2-1CQ Ethernet Line Card
  • FAN08 Fan Module
  • SBxPWRSYS2 AC Power Supply
  • SBxPWRSYS1-80 DC Power Supply

This manual applies to AlliedWare Plus v5.4.9 and later