Allied Telesis Achieves IPv6 Ready Compliance for New Products

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 1, 2016 — Allied Telesis, a universally recognized innovator of smart technologies for an information-driven world, today announced IPv6 Ready compliance for a range of its recently-released switching and security products.

While IPv6 adoption and impending IPv4 address space exhaustion has been acknowledged by the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) for many years, it is only in recent years that IPv4 address space exhaustion has begun occurring. The almost ubiquitous use of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, along with the trend toward an Internet of Things (IoT) will only further exacerbate this problem.

With a significant Japanese presence, Allied Telesis has been a long-time proponent of IPv6 in mainstream networking and is continuing to lead the way in easing the transition to IPv6. With a portfolio of switching and security products for enterprise and industrial applications, all carrying the IPv6 Ready “Gold” logo, Allied Telesis makes it simple to deploy and manage a fully IPv6-capable network.

Moreover, the completeness of the Allied Telesis IPv6 feature set, and intelligent technologies such as Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF) and OpenFlow® support, means that IPv6 networks can enjoy the same high level of functionality, resilience and flexibility as IPv4 networks.

The latest Allied Telesis products to be approved for the IPv6 Ready Logo include:

Seiichiro Sato, Global Product Marketing Director at Allied Telesis, explains, “Now that the global supply of IPv4 addresses is almost completely consumed, new services will be increasingly offered as IPv6-only. Therefore, organizations need to be developing IPv6 transition plans now, so they can adapt to the new IPv6-centric world in a controlled manner, rather than waiting to be forced into making abrupt changes later on. Allied Telesis has more than a decade of experience in implementing IPv6 networks, and knows how to achieve a smooth, painless introduction of IPv6 into an IPv4 network.”

About IPv6 Ready

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