Allied Telesis and Rasilient Systems Announce Solutions Partnership for Best-of-Breed Video Surveillance

SAN JOSE, CA – August 23, 2018 - Allied Telesis, a leading provider of hardware and software products that allow customers to build secure, feature-rich and scalable data exchange solutions, announced today that it will partner with Rasilient Systems to deliver best-of-breed video surveillance solutions through the companies’ sales channels in North America.

“Rasilient Systems’ server and storage technologies have developed a tremendous industry reputation for performance, quality and reliability at a competitive price,” said Graham Walker, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Allied Telesis. “Our customers worldwide build advanced access networks with technology that have the very same attributes, so any video surveillance network featuring both vendors’ technologies is already a proven solution.”

Today’s video surveillance customer has two basic choices—buy a vertically-integrated, single-source solution or build a best-of-breed solution using network infrastructure, cameras, VMS and server/storage from individual vendors.

“We believe that the best-of-breed approach to building video surveillance networks is the preferred path for the great majority of large and very large enterprises that want flexibility in their solution architecture,” adds Walker. “While single source suppliers claim tighter integration of elements and less finger-pointing when issues arise, we believe that the best-of-breed approach delivers more advanced solutions that deliver richer functionality at a lower price.”

According to Sean Chang, Rasilient’s Founder and CEO, Rasilient’s products are able to achieve their quality, performance and reliability, because they are purpose-built for video. He said, “Allied Telesis X Series switches are optimized for video traffic and by partnering with them we are able to offer high-performance, high-quality and supremely reliable video solutions with very attractive CAPEX and OPEX.”

Allied Telesis offers a diverse portfolio of products, and a suite of features, that enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport security video footage across an IP network while saving both time and money. Allied Telesis’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches provide power to IP surveillance cameras and other end-points without the need for specific power supply cables. This makes installation easy, and simplifies any future changes to the surveillance network. Further, Allied Telesis offers Continuous PoE (CPoE), a unique feature that guarantees uninterrupted power delivery to cameras, even when the switch is rebooted.