Allied Telesis Delivers Captive Portal and Passpoint Certification for Simplified Wi-Fi Access

SAN JOSE, CA – November 12, 2020 - Allied Telesis, a leading provider of hardware and software products that allow customers to build secure, feature-rich and scalable data exchange solutions, today announced an updated release of Captive Portal and Passpoint® for its TQ5403 Series of wireless Access Points.

The inclusion of Captive Portal contains crucial features for advanced network security for businesses like hospitals, hotels and airports, where guests are provided with free access to their wireless networks. Captive Portal protects unauthorized use of the network and enhances user confidence and security. With Captive Portal the user’s access to the Wi-Fi network is securely managed. New users can be asked to login and authenticate before gaining access to any online resources or applications.

Allied Telesis TQ5403 Series of APs now offer a high level of convenience and flexibility through Captive Portal, with options for businesses to manage the authentication information themselves or to use a specialist third-party service. Alternatively, businesses can simply ask customers to agree to terms and conditions before granting access.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint
Passpoint® is now included on the TQ5403 Series from Allied Telesis. This industry-wide solution streamlines Wi-Fi access and eliminates the need for users to find and authenticate a network each time they visit/return to a wireless network. Passpoint automates the entire process, enabling seamless connectivity between Wi-Fi networks and mobile devices, all while delivering enterprise-level security. Passpoint enabled Access Points provide a reliable, secure, automatic connection experience. Furthermore, the European Commission has been widely promoting the WiFi4EU program to help financially support those who deploy free Wi-Fi connectivity, Allied Telesis Access Points are eligible to apply for this Wi-Fi initiative.