Allied Telesis Enhances Secure Client and VoIP Integration at the Network Edge

San Diego Convention Center - January 29, 2013 - Allied Telesis, Inc., a global provider of secure client networking solutions for thin clients, workstations, and IP phones, announces a new member on the team, John Krieger, director of connectivity solutions. Krieger, based in the Twin Cities, is a leading expert in client computing at the edge for workstations, thin clients, and Voice over IP (VoIP) phones where fiber Ethernet is prevalent. He will be at WEST 2013, presenting unique Allied Telesis network solutions for client computing, bridging VoIP traffic through fiber NIC cards, media converter switches, and an exclusive solution to turn a client workstation into a switch and forward IP traffic through a computer's own RJ45 port.

"In today's Federal market, it is becoming ever more important to offer dynamic, cost-saving, secure, and energy-friendly technologies to our customers. We believe that supporting our customers' "green" initiatives and offering the latest cutting-edge solutions for client computing and Voice over IP is a cornerstone in our customers' design efforts. We bring unique solutions that simply are not offered anywhere else in the world today," said Krieger.

Featured Product: AT-2716POE Dual Port PoE Bridging Fiber NIC

The latest Allied Telesis PoE Network Interface Cards enable a PC to power a VoIP phone or other traditional copper Powered Device (PD) over a secure fiber network. They allow copper PDs, such as VoIP phones, Wi-Fi access points, cameras, and others, to communicate through the fiber network infrastructure without the additional expense of media converters or a separate network to segment the traffic, thus saving installation and maintenance costs.

Founded in Japan in 1987 and with offices worldwide, Allied Telesis is a leading provider of networking infrastructure and flexible, interoperable network solutions. The company provides reliable video, voice and data network solutions to clients in multiple markets including government, healthcare, defense, education, retail, hospitality and network service providers.

Allied Telesis is committed to innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.