Allied Telesis Launches Flexible, Comprehensive Management System for Enterprises

Chiasso, Switzerland - 26 April 2010 – Allied Telesis has enhanced its range of comprehensive network management platforms with the introduction of the AlliedView Network Management System (NMS) Enterprise Edition. This platform supplies a full suite of proactive network management, diagnostics and monitoring tools to enterprise customers, maximizing operational efficiency, minimizing service deployment times and reducing operational expense.

The AlliedView NMS Enterprise Edition offers powerful management tools to support multiple service enterprise networks. The solution allows managers to control thousands of Allied Telesis network elements from a central or remote operations center, reducing the need for additional support to perform configuration changes or diagnostics. It employs an intuitive user-friendly graphical interface, which substantially decreases the time required for IT managers to deploy and configure large networks.

Traditionally, network maps need to be configured manually to provide full control of any network. With the AlliedView NMS Enterprise Edition, topology discovery and creation of Layer 3, Layer 2, VLANs and EPSR rings network maps is automatic, significantly cutting implementation time, and helping reduce potential network mapping errors.

IT managers will also have more control over network inventory, including IP network nodes, NICs, ports, physical links, VLANs, VLAN interfaces, and EPSR domains and switches. This makes it easy to determine when new firmware upgrades need to be performed as this data is uploaded from the AlliedView NMS Enterprise Edition to the necessary device, reducing the need to have to perform upgrades on a piece-by-piece basis, or having to physically visit the equipment. Similarly, faults are registered in real-time through event and alarm notifications, as well as through system logs and audit trails, which means faults can be addressed immediately, causing minimal system downtime. For even higher performance, the AlliedView NMS Enterprise Edition can proactively identify and isolate network bottlenecks, assisting in the resource planning process.Integrated management and configuration of Ethernet Protected Switched Rings (EPSR) allows for sub 50mS failover and network re-configuration should a device or link fail, allowing network reconnections that are fast and seamless enough even for video and data transfers. It also includes scripting with a flexible Command Line Interface (CLI) which can easily configure a device. Scripts permit updates to be stored locally, and then ‘executed’ when required.

Melvyn Wray, Senior VP of Product Marketing EMEA at Allied Telesis, commented, “The new AlliedView product offers effective control of large networks to IT managers and allows them to have full visibility of what is operating and what is connected within their networks from a remote location. The proactive diagnostics embedded in our software bring fault, performance and security management directly to managers’ fingertips in an easy-to-use format that significantly cuts down on time spent in network diagnostics and repair.”