Radiflow and Allied Telesis Partner to Enhance Threat Containment & Prevention for OT/ ICS Environments

San Jose, CA, USA, 18 October 2022 – Allied Telesis, a global leader in connectivity solutions and intelligent networking tools, is pleased to announce a partnership with Radiflow, a leading provider of OT / ICS cybersecurity solutions.

Building upon Allied Telesis’ award-winning Self-Defending Network, the joint solution enables companies to rapidly detect and quarantine suspicious operations before a full-network breach occurs. By leveraging the OT-specific anomaly and threat detection capabilities of Radiflow IDS, the new solution extends automated cybersecurity responses to cover ICS/OT networks.

Damaging cybersecurity attacks on infrastructure and supply chain OT facilities have major operational impacts on organizations across the globe. As stories of breaches that shut down manufacturing, medical facilities, and industrial environments make headlines, organizations are hardening their cybersecurity posture beyond regulation to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of ransomware attacks aimed at critical operations. Unfortunately, many of today’s solutions put limitations on cybersecurity practitioners. These can happen by a solution delivering an overwhelming number of alerts, limiting production line operations with overly sensitive firewalls, missing threats as they spread at the edge of the network, or not giving teams enough time to respond to a cybersecurity incident.

Most security solutions can only block suspicious traffic as it passes through the firewall from the Internet, so only external threats can be detected and blocked. The Allied Telesis solution with Radiflow IDS isolates traffic at lower levels of the network, preventing threats at the border and inside the network. “Automated responses, such as port lockout or quarantine, buys critical time and save manual labor for cybersecurity professionals who must review and analyze critical breaches,” said Ilan Barda, co-founder & CEO of Radiflow. “Ultimately, automated responses to suspicious activity streamline operations while prioritizing business needs.”

Radiflow and Allied Telesis have created an ecosystem to recognize both internal and external threats and unauthorized OT management commands, including breaching remote access security, protocol exploits, and more. This security and business-first approach, to be demonstrated at GovWare in Singapore, allows cybersecurity teams to analyze scenarios before taking appropriate action.

Allied Telesis AMF Security Controller (AMF-Sec), the technology behind the Self-Defending Network solution, simplifies and automates network management while reducing network operating costs. “Most critical breaches today are based on insider threats leaving admins with zero to limited network controls on blocking the source of the attack,” said Rahul Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Allied Telesis. “Failure to thwart the spread quickly leads to loss of critical infrastructure and extended network downtime. With this newly formed alliance with RadiFlow, our AMF-Sec technology can help automate cyber threat responses while defending your OT network from further attacks.”

This partnership will strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of critical industrial networks with Allied Telesis network equipment, enhance OT asset visibility with Radiflow IDS, provide advanced cyber threat detection and minimize response time to potential breaches.

About Radiflow

Radiflow is an OT Cyber Security company with unique tools to protect and manage digital assets for the long term. The company works directly with Managed Security Service Providers to oversee the discovery and management of all relevant data security points. Their unique pinpoint approach brings the businesses' team into the fold, trading the industry's one-size-fits-all approach for a calculated, focused, and secured system without inhibiting communication or productivity. Founded in 2009, Radiflow has offices in Europe and the US. Its solutions are successfully deployed by major industrial enterprises and utilities, protecting over 6,000 critical facilities worldwide.