Gigabit ExpressCard/34 with SC connector

The Allied Telesis AT-2874SX Gigabit Fiber ExpressCard/34 network interface card is an ideal fit for fiber-to-the-laptop networks that depend on secure and reliable systems.


  • A single-piece, integrated design endures frequent use with no damage to the fiber connectors
  • Mobile connectivity through fiber - designed to provide notebook computers with network connections through a high speed fiber optic link via a 34mm ExpressCard interface
  • An optional tab is supplied to support ExpressCard 54mm slots
  • Features an SC fiber connection supporting the Linux, Microsoft Windows 7, XP, Vista and Windows 8 operating systems and is compliant with industry standards
  • Comprehensive software support to assist users with network setup and configuration
  • An offline user diagnostics program provides system administrators and engineers with a valuable tool to analyze the NIC and check data

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