iMAP 9700 Series

Multiservice Access Platform

The iMAP 9700 series is the future of access for IOCs, ILECs, IXC, PTTs, ISPs, PUDs, education, federal and highly reliable military solutions.


  • Unique carrier-class IP/Ethernet capabilities
  • Great for building an IP access network for current and future services
  • Optimized for the deployment of high-bandwidth FTTN applications
  • Optimized for video services delivery where QoS capability and security is critical
  • Access solutions support 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet and more

Key Features

  • Environmentally hardened for outdoor deployments
  • Support for up to four 10 Gbps rings
  • Redundant common control
  • Resilient network transport
  • Channel unit hot-swapping
  • Common family iMAP channel units
  • Simultaneous fiber and copper access
  • Lifeline VoIP POTS telephony
  • Full front access
  • ETSI and ANSI compliant

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