IE220 Series

Industrial Ethernet Layer 2+ PoE++ Switches with 10G uplinks

Ruggedized switches built for enduring performance in harsh environments. Power over Ethernet (PoE++) connects and powers environmental, system control, and other key IIoT devices for a reliable and high-performing solution and 10G fiber uplinks ensure capacity for demanding edge applications. The IE220 Series enables safety, security, and smooth operation for building automation, intelligent transportation, and smart city networks.


  • Hardened industrial-grade switches that operate flawlessly in harsh environments
  • Maximize the efficiency of smart buildings by connecting and automating security, access control, energy management, lighting control, and more
  • Ensure smooth transportation operation with real-time data supporting adaptive traffic control, fleet telematics, and preventative maintenance
  • Improve modern city life with smart applications such as parking management, security, environmental monitoring, information kiosks, and public Wi-Fi
  • Simplify network deployment and operation with PoE++ to connect and power a wide range of high-power devices
  • Complete reliability with full support for the latest industrial Ethernet standards for temperature, vibration and noise
  • Superior network security visibility and management, with granular control of device-to-device communication using SDN-based micro-segmentation
  • Centralized management, visibility, and automation of the entire network using Vista Manager™ and Autonomous Management Framework™ Plus

Key Features

  • AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system
  • 1GbE PoE++ copper ports with 10GbE fiber uplinks
  • Fanless design for high-reliability and silent operation
  • Extended operating temperature of -40°C to 75°C for harsh environments
  • Surge immunity for outdoor deployment
  • PoE++ supplies up to 95W per port to high-power devices
  • Continuous PoE maximizes endpoint connectivity
  • Active Fiber Monitoring™ (AFM) for secure fiber uplinks
  • Certified for plenums
  • MRP, EPSRing™, and G.8032 ERPS for high-availability resilient ring based networks
  • Redundant power inputs for resilient operation
  • Graceful thermal shutdown for network protection
  • Alarm monitoring and triggers for proactive administration

Certifications and Compliance

IPv6 Ready Logo

IPv6 Ready

Run by the IPv6 Forum, IPv6 Ready certification demonstrates conformance to IPv6 standards and validates interoperability of IPv6 products.

Openflow logo

OpenFlow Conformance

OpenFlow Conformance is the highest assurance from the Open Networking Foundation that validates products conform to the OpenFlow specification.

TAA Compliant logo

Trade Agreement Act (TAA)

TAA compliance is mandatory for US Government purchases to prove that products are manufactured only in the USA or other approved countries.


Product10/100/1000T (RJ-45) Copper Ports1/10G SFP PortsTotal PortsPoE Enabled PortsSwitching FabricForwarding Rate
IE220-6GHX4262 x PoE++, 4 x PoE+48Gbps37.7Mpps
IE220-10GHX82102 x PoE++, 8 x PoE+56Gbps41.7Mpps


ProductWidth x Depth x HeightWeightEnclosureMountingProtection Rate
IE220-6GHX65 x 137 x 155 mm
(2.56 x 5.39 x 6.12 in)
DIN rail: 1.57 kg (3.46 lbs)
Wall mount: 1.45 kg (3.20 lbs)
Aluminium/Sheet Metal shellDIN rail, wall mountIP30
IE220-10GHX65 x 137 x 155 mm
(2.56 x 5.39 x 6.12 in)
DIN rail: 1.60 kg (3.53 lbs)
Wall mount: 1.49 kg (3.28 lbs)
Aluminium/Sheet Metal shellDIN rail, wall mountIP30

Power Characteristics

ProductInput Voltage(1)CoolingNo PoE Load Max Power ConsumptionNo PoE Load Max Heat DissipationNo PoE Load NoiseFull PoE Load(2) Max Power ConsumptionFull PoE Load(2) Max Heat DissipationFull PoE Load(2) Noise
IE220-6GHX37~57V DCFanless17.4W59.5 BTU/hr-204W80.3 BTU/hr-
IE220-10GHX37~57V DCFanless18.5W63.3 BTU/hr-266W87.78 BTU/hr-

(1) PoE sourcing equipment require:
48Vdc to enable IEEE802.3at Type 1 (PoE)
54Vdc to enable IEEE802.3at Type 2 (PoE+), IEEE802.3bt Type 3 (PoE++) and IEEE802.3bt Type 4 (PoE++)

(2) The Max Power consumption at full PoE load includes the powered device’s consumption and margin. The cooling requirements of the switch are smaller than the power draw, because most of the load is dissipated at the PoE powered device and along the cabling. Use these wattage and BTU ratings for facility capacity planning

Power over Ethernet Sourcing Characteristics

ProductEnabled PoE Ports PoE+Enabled PoE Ports Hi-PoEEnabled PoE Ports PoE++Max PoE Power Budget(3)Max PoE Sourcing Ports PoE+ (30W)Max PoE Sourcing Ports Hi-PoE (60W)Max PoE Sourcing Ports PoE++ (60W)Max PoE Sourcing Ports PoE++ (90W)

(3) The PoE power budget is shared among all ports; we recommend configuring the dynamic PoE power allocation to optimize the power distribution

Ordering Information

The DIN rail and wall mount kits are included.
The management serial console cable is NOT included.


4x 10/100/1000T, 2x 1G/10G SFP+,
Industrial Ethernet, Layer 2+ Switch
PoE++ Support


8x 10/100/1000T, 2x 1G/10G SFP+
Industrial Ethernet, Layer 2+ Switch
PoE++ Support

Where xx =
80 standard Country of Origin
980 TAA compliant Country of Origin

Power Supplies


50W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount


240W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount (5 years warranty)


480W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount (5 years warranty)


120W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount


240W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount


480W @48Vdc, Industrial AC/DC power supply,
DIN rail mount

Feature Licenses

AT-IE220-FL01IE220 Series Premium license10G uplink ports
Hi-PoE sourcing
PoE++ sourcing

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