IE300 Series

Industrial Ethernet Gigabit Layer 3 Switches

Built for enduring performance in harsh environments. This series delivers the performance and reliability demanded by industrial deployments in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.


  • Offering high throughput, rich functionality and advanced security features
  • Ruggedized to meet the latest industrial Ethernet standards for temperature, vibration and electrical noise
  • Support highly stable and reliable network switching, with a recovery time of less than 50ms
  • Superior security including SSL, SSH, 802.1X, MAC, IP filtering, RADIUS, TACACS+ and VLAN
  • Device management through Web GUI, SNMP, Telnet, SSH or Allied Telesis Autonomous Management Framework™ (AMF)

Key Features

  • IEEE 802.3at PoE+ sourcing (30W)
  • PoE++ power up to 60W per port
  • Continuous Power over Ethernet (CPoE) to retain PoE sourcing on hot-restart
  • AlliedWare Plus™ feature-rich operating system
  • USB port for image/configuration backup, restore, and upgrade
  • Redundant power inputs for higher system reliability
  • ACLs for management traffic
  • Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing™)
  • Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ITU-T G.8032)
  • IPv6 management for up-to-date requirements
  • Static unicast and multicast routes for IPv4

Certifications and Compliance

IPv6 Ready Logo

IPv6 Ready

Run by the IPv6 Forum, IPv6 Ready certification demonstrates conformance to IPv6 standards and validates interoperability of IPv6 products.

Openflow logo

OpenFlow Conformance

OpenFlow Conformance is the highest assurance from the Open Networking Foundation to validate product conformance with the OpenFlow specification.


Product 10/100/1000T (RJ-45) Copper Ports 100/1000X SFP Ports Total Ports PoE Enabled Ports Switching Fabric Forwarding Rate
IE300-12GP 8 4 12 8 24Gbps 17.8Mpps
IE300-12GT 8 4 12 - 24Gbps 17.8Mpps


Product Width x Depth x Height Weight Enclosure Mounting Protection Rate
IE300-12GP 146 x 127 x 152 mm
(5.75 x 5.00 x 6.00 in)
2.0 kg (4.5 lb) Aluminium shell DIN rail, wall mount IP30
IE300-12GT 146 x 127 x 152 mm
(5.75 x 5.00 x 6.00 in)
2.0 kg (4.4 lb) Aluminium shell DIN rail, wall mount IP30

Power Characteristics

      No PoE Load
Product Input Voltage Cooling Max Power Consumption Max Heat Dissipation Noise
IE300-12GP 48V DC *, 53.5V DC ** Fanless 30W 102 BTU/hr -
IE300-12GT 12~55V DC Fanless 30W 102 BTU/hr -

* sourcing IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (PoE)

** sourcing IEEE 802.3at Type 2 (PoE+, Hi-PoE)

Power over Ethernet

  Full PoE Load*   Max PoE Sourcing Ports
Product Max Power Consumption Max Heat Dissipation Noise Max PoE Power PoE (15W) PoE+ (30W) Hi-PoE (60W)
IE300-12GP 320W 147 BTU/hr - 240W 8 8 4
IE300-12GT - - - - - - -

* The Max Power consumption at full PoE load includes PD’s consumption and margin. The cooling requirements of the switch are smaller than the power draw, because most of the load is dissipated at the PoE powered device (PD) and along the cabling.

Use these wattage and BTU ratings for facility capacity planning.

Ordering Information

The DIN rail and wall mount kits are included.


8x 10/100/1000T, 4x 100/1000X SFP,
Industrial Ethernet, Layer 3 Switch, Hi-PoE Support


8x 10/100/1000T, 4x 100/1000X SFP,
Industrial Ethernet, Layer 3 Switch

Feature Licenses

Name Description Includes
AT-FL-IE3-G8032 IE300 series license for ITU-T G.8032 and Ethernet CFM ITU-T G.8032
Ethernet CFM
AT-FL-IE3-L2-01 IE300 Series Layer 2 Premium license EPSR Master
VLAN Translation
VLAN double tagging (Q-in-Q)
AT-FL-IE3-L3-01 IE300 Series Layer 3 Premium license OSPF (256 routes)
OSPFv3 (256 routes)
BGP4 (256 routes)
BGP4+ for IPv6 (256 routes)
PIMv6-SM and SSM
AT-FL-IE3-MODB IE300 Series Modbus/TCP license Modbus/TCP
AT-FL-IE3-OF13-1YR OpenFlow license OpenFlow v1.3 for 1 year
AT-FL-IE3-OF13-5YR OpenFlow license OpenFlow v1.3 for 5 years


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