The Allied Telesis Extricom MS-1000 is a large-size enterprise WLAN switch platform featuring 16/32 GbE ports for Access Points. The EXMS-1000 provides up to 4 Channel Blankets and is available in standalone (16 GbE ports) and cascade (32 GBE ports) options.

The MS-1000 is designed for high-performance WLANs in difficult RF environments with a high user density. It delivers voice, data, video and location services with a robust and mobile connection to any Wi-Fi client, in any environment.

The Extricom Series system architecture reduces WLAN complexity, delivers high performance with predictable service, and works seamlessly with existing wired network infrastructure. It enables your edge network to meet today and tomorrow's multi-service demands. An IEEE 802.11n-compliant solution, with Extricom’s unique Channel Blanket™ architecture, the MS-1000 revolutionizes the Wi-Fi experience for both IT administrators and wireless users.

A cascade configuration provides unique redundancy capabilities for installations that require a high-availability configuration. The system continues to operate even in the event of a LAN link or switch failure.

The MS-1000 takes full advantage of 802.11n, with every port supporting Gigabit Ethernet. The Extricom WLAN system enables a gradual introduction of 802.11n into the enterprise. A unique Channel Blanket advantage is the ability to separate 802.11n clients from legacy clients in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, providing up to 7x more throughput than mixed 802.11a/b/g/n networks.

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