Extricom Series CloudBlanket NMS

CloudBlanket NMS is a comprehensive cloud-based system enabling the efficient management of Extricom Series WLAN deployments from a single browser screen.

Implementing the FCAPS (Fault,Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) model, CloudBlanket NMS connects with Allied Telesis Extricom Series WLAN switches and access points to provide easy, standard-based administration, configuration, and monitoring.

CloudBlanket NMS supports any deployment size - from small systems with a few WLAN switches, up to large-scale deployments with thousands of switches.

CloudBlanket NMS applies to any WLAN vertical including Education, Hospitality, Hospitals, Logistics, Data Centers, and High Density Large Venues.



  • Client-Server Architecture: Server running on a cloud service, clients run Java based web sessions remotely 
  • Database: Per site MySQL instances


  • Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Linux 2.6 kernel and above, Sun Solaris 10, Mac OS X, Android 4 and above, iOS 7
  • Supported Web Browsers: Chrome 32 and above, Firefox 26 and above, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above, Opera


  • Access Control: Domain, Site and role-based access control
  • Authentication: Secure TLS management/control channel


  • Fault Management: Event and alarms display, Event selection in predefined list with severity selection, Visual, email alerts


  • Dashboard: Gauges for site health, configurable client traffic and client count graphs
  • Client count and traffic: Configurable real-time client traffic and client count graphs
  • Topology Map: Includes Domain and Site data connectivity
  • Inventory: Site switch list, on-line clients list


  • Historic: Client events log, vendor distribution, client count, and traffic
  • Scheduled: Scheduled reports setup


  • GUI cut-through: Switch and Access Point configuration and diagnostics
  • Bulk operations: Define operations and scope (firmware update, reboot, configuration, configuration update)

Notice: This product is not available for purchase.