Hardware Release Note: AT-SP10T and AT-SP10TM 10GBase SFP+ Copper Port Transceivers

This hardware release note explains how to prevent AT-SP10T and AT-SP10TM 10GBase SFP+ copper port transceivers from overheating in Ethernet switches. It applies to these products:

  • AT-x510 Series
  • AT-x510DP Series
  • AT-x510L Series
  • AT-x530 Series
  • AT-x530DP Series
  • AT-x530L Series
  • AT-x550 Series
  • AT-x930 Series
  • AT-x950 Series
  • XS900MX Series
  • GS980MX Series
  • SBx8100 Series
  • SwitchBlade x908 Generation 2 (SBx908 GEN2) Switch