Getting Started with the AlliedWare Plus Command Line Interface

This getting started guide introduces a number of commonly-used management features of the AlliedWare Plus Operating System.

AlliedWare Plus

It covers the following topics:

  • The start-up process
  • How to login
  • How to work with command modes
  • How to get command help
  • How to change the configuration
  • How to save and boot from the current configuration
  • How to undo settings
  • How to set passwords and create user accounts
  • How to view system information
  • How to set system parameters
  • How to set the time and date
  • How to enable secure mode
  • How to work with files
  • How to return to the factory defaults
  • How to upgrade the firmware
  • How to easily locate the device in a server room (find me)
  • How to filter and save “show” command output
  • How to set a timeout on GUI sessions