Suminac, Philippines building from the outside

Improved efficiency for manufacturing plant

Allied Telesis innovative wireless technology and hosted network management ensures smooth factory operation.  




Suminac Philippines Inc.



We now enjoy seamless Wi-Fi access in both the factory and office areas, and Allied Telesis 24x7 professional network monitoring gives us peace of mind.

Mr. Sugiura

Executive Technical Director,

Suminac Philippines Inc.

The Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd has a 50 year history in Japan, encompassing the development, manufacturing and sales of forklift trucks, logistics machinery and associated equipment. Investment in business systems that support factory-direct management has enabled an efficient operation, and allowed Sumitomo NACCO to build a long-term position of trust with their wide range of customers.

Suminac Philippines Inc. was established on the outskirts of Manila in 1996. It started as a welding plant, and now manufactures fabricated forklift components, frames, and other product lines for parent company Sumitomo NACCO, as well as other group companies.

Why Allied Telesis?

Suminac Philippines had installed Allied Telesis switches in their offices, which were performing well, and now wished to add a wireless network in the factory for increased manufacturing efficiency and business performance.

Sumitomo NACCO already had a great experience using Allied Telesis wireless networks in their Japanese headquarters and Vietnam factory, so it was an easy choice to deploy a new Wi-Fi solution for their production management offices and factory floor at Suminac Philippines.

Smooth Manufacturing and Business Operation

The new Allied Telesis solution includes resilient switching technology as the backbone across the main office and factory buildings. Power over Ethernet from the edge switches connects and powers wireless access points which are managed using the innovative Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) wireless controller.

AWC autonomously analyzes the wireless network and improves performance by regularly updating the channel and power settings on each AP to maximize coverage and minimize interference. This self-tuning wireless technology provides an exceptional user experience.

The new Wi-Fi network now seamless connects all wireless devices, ensuring Suminac office and factory staff have always-on access to the production management system, and other business applications. In the factory, wireless barcode readers enable efficient throughput on manufacturing lines to maximize operational return.

Reduced Operating Costs and Peace of Mind

We now enjoy seamless Wi-Fi access both in the factory and office buildings, ensuring production line efficiency. Connectivity is always fast and easy now.

Mr. Sugiura

Executive Technical Director,

Suminac Philippines Inc.

Suminac Philippines concept diagram


suminac philippines network diagram of their factory


Suminac choose to reduce their IT administration effort by leveraging the power of Allied Telesis hosted management services. Rather than have to supply their own local server resources for management applications, they now benefit from online AWC wireless management, along with access to the Vista Manager EX network administration platform for easy-to-use visual monitoring and management tools – all hosted by Allied Telesis in the cloud.

The pay-as-you-go hosted management service reduces ongoing IT cost and complexity for Suminac, and allow them to take full advantage of the powerful automation, optimization, and proactive management tools available from anywhere at any time. Plus, they assuredhave the assurance of the Net.AWC hosted management service being backed up by Allied Telesis 24x7 professional network monitoring.

Ongoing Partnership

Thanks to Allied Telesis Net.AWC hosted management service, we have easy access to the cloud-based optimization and management tools, and all backed up with a professional monitoring service that gives us peace of mind, 24 hours a day.

Mr. Sugiura

Executive Technical Director,

Suminac Philippines Inc.

Allied Telesis look forward to continuing this successful partnership, providing the latest in technology, and ongoing hosted management services with network monitoring. Suminac are now free to spend more time managing their business, to stay at the forefront of the manufacturing industry, and better support the success of their parent company.