Allied Telesis access points supported by NetAlly AirMagnet wireless site survey and planner tools

San Jose, CA, USA, 16 Nov 2022 – Allied Telesis, a global leader in connectivity solutions and intelligent networking tools, is pleased to announce that the premier AirMagnet wireless site survey and planning tools from NetAlly now support their award-winning Wi-Fi 6 access points.

Wi-Fi has become ubiquitous today, but patchy connections, dropouts and slow responses have also become commonplace. However, these frustrating connectivity issues are avoidable with a well-designed network. Originally, good Wi-Fi design required specialist knowledge of radio propagation and a deep understanding of wireless equipment.

The AirMagnet tools from NetAlly enable non-experts to design and deploy wireless networks for optimal performance, security, and compliance. The tools calculate the ideal quantity, placement, and configuration of APs for a successful wireless LAN deployment. A built-in simulation feature enables networks to be tested without physically deploying any access points, helping users get Wi-Fi installations right the first time, preventing costly rework and user complaints.

“AirMagnet Wi-Fi design tools have been used by thousands of Wi-Fi professionals to ensure the performance of their designs,” said Dan Klimke, Director of Product Marketing for NetAlly. “We’re pleased to provide Allied Telesis customers with a design tool that is specifically tuned for their products.”

Allied Telesis Wi-Fi 6 access points are built to the highest standards to combine performance, reliability, and ease of use. They offer features such as OFDMA and bidirectional MU-MIMO that increase the intelligence of the AP in managing multiple client connections at once, providing better throughput, connectivity and overall performance. Optimized for high-bandwidth and real-time applications like streaming video and supporting increased numbers of clients, Wi-Fi 6 access points are ideal for education, healthcare, manufacturing, and busy commercial environments.

NetAlly AirMagnet Site Survey PRO and AirMagnet Planner support the following Allied Telesis Wi-Fi 6 access points:

“We’re proud to have support for our access points added to NetAlly’s AirMagnet Wi-Fi planning solutions,” said Rahul Gupta, Chief Technology Officer at Allied Telesis. “Wireless network design used to be a specialist task, but now non-expert staff can achieve high-performance, reliable Wi-Fi easily and cost-effectively by using our Wi-Fi equipment with the acclaimed range of AirMagnet wireless planning tools.”

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