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The plug-in is verified to be compatible with Milestone XProtect 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The plug-in has been tested with Allied Telesis PoE switches from the following product series:

• x930 1/10/40G Stackable Switches with Continuous PoE
• x530 Multi-Gigabit Stackable Switches with Continuous PoE
• x530L Gigabit Stackable Switches with Continuous PoE
• x320 Gigabit PoE++ Managed Switches
• x230 Gigabit Edge Switches
• GS980EM Gigabit Managed Switches
• GS980MX Stackable Multi-Gigabit Switches
• GS970M Gigabit Edge Switches
• FS980M Fast Ethernet Edge Switches
• IE340 Industrial Switches with Continuous PoE
• IE220 Industrial Ethernet PoE++ Switches

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